Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Secret to Long Natural Nails

I'm often asked if my nails are natural since they are so long. As you can see above, the proof my nails are natural. I trimmed them just before taking this picture, this is my maintenance length. When I answer they are real, I'm asked how do I manage to grow them so long. The answer is one word, Biotin!  I started out several years ago taking only one 5,000 mcg capsule once a day for a couple of months and voilà, long nails!  Prior to Biotin, my nails always managed to get a bit long, but then they would break. It can be very frustrating. Since I'm very much into taking supplements for other issues, I decided to find a supplement for my nails. I had tried other brands specifically for nails, hair and skin, but they didn't work. I trust the Solaray brand the most. I have tried others that are less expensive, but they don't work as well. So I'm sticking to Solaray from now on. I buy mine on or depending on who has the best price when I need more. If you haven't tried this supplement before, you really owe it to yourself to give it a try!  When you find it works, come back and leave a comment!

I also recommend keeping nail polish on your nails as a bit of protection. In addition, you need to figure out how long you can grow your nails and not go past that length. Above is my perfect length for normal life doing housework, typing, dog grooming, etc. I can easily grow them longer on vacation, if I'm not doing any grocery shopping or housework, etc.  In addition, be careful not to put any weight on your nail tips such as doing laundry. Be very careful lifting heavy, wet laundry.  Do not use your nails as tools. Open mail, packages, product containers, etc. with a dotting tool, pen, scissors, etc. Find something to use as a tool and get out of the habit of using your nails! A high quality multivitamin is also recommended. I chose ProCaps Labs by Andrew Lessman since they are capsules and not tablets. They are sold at and They cost about $1 a day when you purchase them on his quarterly sales with free shipping. Stay away from vitamins that are tablets! They have a hard time dissolving in your stomach and don't absorb into your system as well. Take your vitamins and enjoy long nails!  Before you leave, check out my nails when they weren't naked:  Manicures by Peace Manor on Pinterest.

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