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No 1 Pho Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant Review - Cary, NC

5025 Arco Street
Cary, NC  27519
(919) 297-2975

Exterior View

Interior Decor

Pho Tai - $12.00


Hu Tieu My Tho Kho - $13.00

Side of Broth

This is a review of a new Vietnamese Pho restaurant located in Cary, North Carolina called No 1 Pho. It's located in a new shopping center that includes the new West Cary Whole Foods which will open on November 7th. It's been a long wait since the opening was delayed. To get to the restaurant, take exit 66a off 540. It's not far from the exit. They are open everyday except Wednesday. Their hours are from 11 am until 9 pm, except on Sunday when they close an hour earlier. The interior decor is lovely. They only have tables, no booths. Their current sanitation score is 95, which is very good. We arrived around 2:30 pm and there were only a couple of customers. We were immediately greeted by a friendly Asian woman who I guess is one of the owners. She seated us at a table right away and she was our waitress.

We ordered right away since we were starving. Our food arrived in about ten minutes. I ordered the Hu Tieu My Tho Kho which is described as "pork soup separate, clear noodle with shrimp, ground pork, sliced pork and quail eggs in house special sauce". It's suppose to be served with bean sprouts, lettuce and lemon, but mine was not. I was shocked to only see three shrimp and a few slices of pork. Not to mention the missing quail eggs and the missing side of bean sprouts, lettuce and lemon. So disappoint set in as soon as I dug in. I expected more for a $13.00 lunch! There were tons of noddles that appeared to be soaked in the house special sauce which was tasty, but I didn't want to fill up on only noodles. The side of broth was scrumptious and I was offered more when I finished. It wasn't a very filling meal which would have been ok if the price wasn't so high. The bit of shrimp and pork that I was served were tasty. Hubby ordered the Pho Tai which is described as "rice noodle beef soup with fresh eye of round". It comes with a side of beans sprouts, basil leaves and lemon. It came with lime instead of lemon and jalapeño was added. Hubby also ordered fresh lemonade for $4 which he received one refill. Seems pricey to us for lemonade. He said it was tasty. We also ordered some summer rolls as an appetizer, but they never showed up. When we asked the waitress she said she forgot to put in the order, so perhaps she should write down orders instead of trying to memorize them. 

We had high expectations for this new restaurant, but it fell short. Perhaps if the prices were a bit lower or the proteins were supplied in a larger quantity we would change our mind. Overall, it's tasty, but not very filling and we felt it was not a good value. We may try it again since we will be shopping at the new Whole Foods frequently and it's so close by. I recommend stopping at the pet store in that shopping center. They have high end pet food and treats and excellent customer service. What's your favorite restaurant in Cary? Are you as happy as I am that the area finally has another Whole Foods?

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