Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ritz-Carlton Room Service Part III - Cancún, Mexico

Dinner Room Service Table (click on photo to enlarge)

Salmon Sashimi - 315 Pesos (Approx. $16.21 US Dollars)

Tortilla Chips, Guacamole & Salsa Mexicana - 220 Pesos (Approx. $11.33)

Coconut Breaded Shrimp & Sweet Chilli Sauce - 250 Pesos (Approx. $12.87 US Dollars)

This is a review of room service provided by the Ritz-Carlton located in Cancun, Mexico. This was our 3rd room service meal and it was delivered at 10:30 pm on a Saturday last August. Since we enjoyed two wonderful room service breakfasts we decided to give dinner a try. The wait time for our order to arrive was twenty-five minutes just as they had indicated. 

Hubby ordered the Tuna Sashimi and I ordered the Salmon Sashimi and we shared half of our sashimi. We also shared the Coconut Breaded Shrimp and the Tortilla Chips, Guacamole & Salsa Mexicana. We weren't sure about the portion sizes so we weren't sure how much food to order. Everything we ordered turned out to be generous portions. The sashimi came with some carrot & celery sticks, lettuce and dipping sauces. It was served with cucumbers and arugula with a light dressing and cilantro on top. The sashimi also had slices of orange, jalapeño and sesame seeds on top. It was so scrumptious and it's presentation was impressive. The shrimp was huge! It was the largest shrimp I've ever eaten. If you are ever in Mexico, you must order shrimp since it's so delicious and huge. It was hot, delicious and not greasy at all. The Tortilla Chips were wonderfully crisp. The Guacamole & Salsa Mexicana were so yummy! The Guacamole was served with some delicious cheese and cilantro on top. We also ordered a bottle of Perrier which arrived cold and they gave us a slice of lime on each of our glasses. The meal also came with salt and pepper shakers and a beautiful fuchsia daisy in a vase. While dining we listened to live jazz music coming from the pool area. When we were done eating, we called room service to remove the table from the room. They promptly arrived in about five minutes and quickly removed the table.

It was another wonderful meal from room service. We highly recommend it, only problem is that it is highly addictive. I'm not usually a fan of room service due to the high prices and the food sometimes being cold, but the service and food at this Ritz-Carlton is exceptional. Check out the menu. We enjoyed everything that we ordered and service was prompt and friendly. They make you feel like royalty. You can also order cocktails, wine, beer, liquor, dessert and lunch to go. Their lunch to go would be perfect if you are going to be leaving the hotel and going on an adventure.

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