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Kimono Japanese Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

324 Summit Square Boulevard
Winston Salem, NC  27105
(336) 377-0147

Interior View

Shrimp Tempura - $7.95 (click on photos to enlarge)

Shrimp Tempura Roll & Hot J.B. Roll - $8.45 each

Free Dessert

This is a review of a Japanese restaurant called Kimono located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. They have three locations, this review is for the one located near Sam's Club in Winston Salem. Previously, we dined at the location on Country Club Road, to see that review click here. We visited on a Saturday night at 6 pm and their posted restaurant sanitation grade was 91.5% They were very busy, at one point all the tables and booths were taken. The entire time we were there customers who ordered carry out were walking in to pick up their orders non stop! They have a huge carry out business and they are super speedy at preparing them. 

We were greeted by several people ready to assist us and we were seated at a booth immediately. There is certainly no shortage of employees at this restaurant! We ordered quickly since were overly hungry. I ordered three dishes for Hubby & I to share. It only took six minutes for our appetizer to arrive! We were shocked since usually Japanese restaurants are a bit on the slow side to bring out the dishes. The Shrimp Tempura was so scrumptious! It had three pieces of shrimp fried in tempura batter. In addition, it had two thinly sliced, large pieces of sweet potato, two pieces of broccoli and two onion rings fried in the same batter that Katsu is battered with. The sweet potato with Katsu batter made me crave Chicken Katsu. It was really crisp, not greasy and very tasty. I would have preferred the onion rings be battered in panko though. In addition, there was a little bit of tempura dipping sauce and the tempura was laying on some iceberg lettuce. I recommend this dish, but be careful since it's so hot. You'll have to wait a bit for it to cool. The sweet potato cooled the fastest, so that's what we started with. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. It's crave worthy for sure! Six minutes later our two sushi rolls arrived. The Shrimp Tempura roll has shrimp fried in the Katsu batter. It's described as "deep fried shrimp, avocado, asparagus with spicy mayo sauce". It was very tasty, but there wasn't much spicy mayo. Also, I prefer my shrimp to be fried in tempura batter rather than Katsu batter. The Hot J.B. Roll is described as "salmon, cream cheese with spicy mayo and eel sauce". I would have liked more eel sauce since it was mostly on the plate. Next time I'll ask for a side of spicy mayo and eel sauce. Both rolls were tasty. When Hubby asked for the check the waiter brought us a cut up orange with tooth picks as a complimentary dessert. It was very ripe, juicy, cold and delicious. 

Service was extremely attentive, prompt and friendly. All the servers help each other out with all of the tables, so our glasses of water were always full. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience and we plan to return soon. I also plan to have Hubby pick up some carry out on his way home. I highly recommend you give this restaurant a try soon. What's your favorite restaurant in the Triad?

Update - We ordered carry out a week later and it was delicious! They come in clear plastic containers. We ordered Shrimp Tempura again along with a Rainbow Roll and a Salmon Twist Roll. These are now my favorites. They even gave us two slices of lemon to squeeze on the Salmon Twist Roll and it was scrumptious that way. That's the first time I've added some lemon juice to my sushi. The smoked salmon along with the regular salmon, cream cheese, panko crumbs, spicy mayo, a bit of lemon juice and a dash of soy sauce was perfection! It costs $10.95. If I had to pick only one favorite that would be it. The Rainbow Roll is described as "rainbow of fish on a California Roll" and it costs $9.95. It was a nice change from a boring California Roll. The fish on top made it so much more tasty. The Shrimp Tempura was still warm when it arrived home and it was just as delicious as last time. Though I do recommend opening the box as soon as you arrive home to allow the steam to escape so that the tempura batter stays crisp. I uploaded photos of all three to Zomato, just click on the names above to see them.

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