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Sakura Japanese Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

548 South Stratford Road
Winston Salem, NC  27103
(336) 777-8744

Interior Decor

Chicken Bento Box - $13.95

Tempura Bento Box - $13.95

This is a review of a Japanese restaurant called Sakura located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. I had been putting off trying this restaurant since reviews are quite mixed on Yelp.com. I came across several Asian restaurants that were closed on Mondays, so I decided on Sakura since they were open and I ran out of time to continue searching. I met Hubby there for lunch around noon. I didn't locate their sanitation grade until we were leaving and it's 90%. I usually don't eat at restaurants with ratings below 92% and I'm even more picky when it comes to sushi, so I was unhappy to see that on our way out. When we arrived the waitress was very friendly and seated us immediately at a booth. They had several tables of customers when we arrived, but they were certainly not busy. 

We ordered quite quickly since we were really hungry and we both love Bento Boxes, so Hubby ordered the Chicken Bento Box and I ordered the Tempura Bento Box. The Chicken Bento Box is described as "hibachi grilled tender chicken breast topped with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, chicken and vegetable dumplings, fried tofu, served with steamed rice and choice of clear soup or Miso Soup". The Tempura Bento Box is described as "jumbo shrimp and vegetable tempura, four piece California Roll, seafood salad, served with steamed rice and choice of clear or Miso Soup". We both ordered the Miso soup which was brought to the table two minutes later. It didn't taste fresh, it's very average in flavor with a few bits of seaweed and tofu. It was cool enough to eat right away. Eight minutes later our Bento Boxes were brought out. The Tempura and Chicken Hibachi were nice and hot. The Tempura was a bit on the greasy side, but the shrimp tempura was delicious. I was disappointed there were only two pieces of shrimp tempura. Hubby said the chicken teriyaki was good and dumplings were ok. The California Roll was very average and I had to request some wasabi. The steamed rice was cooked well, but not as hot as I like. I didn't care for the seafood salad at all, one bite and I was done. Hubby made quite a funny face after tasting the fried tofu, he would highly recommend not taking even one bite of that. The meal was quite average, I'd say three out of five stars and I think the prices are high for a weekday lunch Bento Box of this quality. The Bento Boxes were $13.95 each and sodas are $1.95. One of the reasons we love Bento Boxes so much is their value and our favorite Bento Box restaurant, Sushi Thai in Cary, only charges $11.95. We always leave their restaurant very full and extremely satisfied. Sakura's Bento Box left me semi-full and hungry in a couple of hours. Later, I had to take some acid medicine due to the greasy tempura. Due to their low sanitation grade, low quality of the food and the high prices, we shall not return. The one thing that stood out was the friendly, welcoming and attentive service given by our waitress.

If you have eaten at this restaurant, what was your experience? In the Triad, so far I like Little Tokyo's Bento Box the most. Which restaurant's Bento Box do you like the most?  

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