Sunday, January 31, 2016

Downton Abbey - World Market Haul

Downton Abbey Tea Bag Rest, Mrs. Patmore's Blueberry Scone Tea and Set of Four Teaspoons

This is a mini haul of Downton Abbey products I ordered from World Market online. Sadly, our local store didn't have any of the Downton Abbey items in stock, so I decided to order online instead. A couple years prior I ordered the lovely matching tea pot online which arrived broken and since the online store didn't have any left I had to call the local store and have them hold one to replace it. That was a major pain in the neck since I'm not a fan of shopping in holiday crowds. It wasn't packaged properly so it was doomed to break. So imagine how nervous I was to order fragile ceramics from them online a second time. Luckily, this time everything arrived unbroken. These are all exclusively available at World Market. I had a coupon for 10% off plus Mr. Rebates 7% cash back.

The Tea Bag Rest was $6.29 prior to discounts. I like it because once you place the tea bag on the rest, the liquid safely drains from the tea bag into the bottom. This way it will not stain your countertop, coffee table or whatever else you may have placed it on. It gives you ample time to dispose of the liquid and it matches the other ceramic items in their Downton Abbey line. It comes in a lovely gift box as shown above and it's dishwasher safe.

The Mrs. Patmore's Blueberry Scone Downton Abbey Tea is made by The Republic of Tea and it's one of thirteen Downton Abbey Teas that the manufacturer offers. This one is only available at World Market and I highly recommend purchasing it if you get the chance to since it's a limited edition and it's so yummy. I have collected all thirteen of the Downton Abbey teas and I have reviewed them on a previous blog post, so click here to check it out. This tea includes red rooibos tea, licorice, natural blueberry flavor, natural vanilla flavor and natural caramel flavor. It's so sweet and delicious! It smells & tastes mostly like vanilla and blueberries and it's caffeine free. It's in a reusable tin and includes thirty-six tea bags. It was on sale for $5.99 minus my discounts as stated above, but it retails for $11.99.

The set of four teaspoons match the rest of the collection and I really enjoy them because they don't get stained by tea like stainless teaspoons do. They are also elegant and prettier than stainless spoons. They come in a lovely decorated box as shown above. They cost $12.99 prior to my discounts.  

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Don't forget to tune in tonight, Sunday at 9 pm ET for the latest episode of Downton Abbey. I'm so sad this is the last season, so I'm treasuring each of the last episodes. Are you a Downton Abbey fan? How are you coping with this being the last season? Please comment below, I'd love to hear from fellow fans. Here's a fun video to watch about their costumes and makeup:

Bargain Alert - World Market $10 off $50, click here and don't forget to use Mr. Rebates for 5-7% cash back.

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