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Green Valley Grill Restaurant Review - Greensboro, NC

622 Green Valley Rd
Greensboro, NC

Exterior Entrance

View of Main Dining Area from Reception

Bread Basket

Wood Fired Grilled Lamb Burger with Fries - $13.95

Baked Pecan Crusted Trout with Green Beans & Fries - $14.95

This is a review of a restaurant called Green Valley Grill in Greensboro, NC. Last Saturday Hubby & I were in search of somewhere to eat near the Whole Foods. We decided to give this restaurant a try since the reviews online were so good and hard to find items like lamb burgers and trout were on the menu for lunch. We arrived around 1 pm and were seated right away even though it looked like there would be a wait since the restaurant was very full with customers. The staff dresses in black and white as you can see in one of the photos above. Customers were dressed business casual and it appeared that there were a lot of large parties there for their special occasion.

The waitress was very attentive during our visit but pushing alcohol when we arrived. I noticed a lot of people were ordering alcohol, but we don't drink before 5 pm unless it's a special occasion. I ordered a Diet Coke and Hubby ordered water with lemon. We ordered promptly after we looked at the menu even though I was having difficultly deciding what to order. The bread basket shown above came out shortly after our drinks did. The bread was really good though it would have been nice to have a specialty butter like honey butter. Sadly, this was the best part of the meal. Our dishes arrived only eight minutes later. I was shocked at how quickly the food came to our table which had me concerned. I ordered the trout since that's not something I find on lunch menus very often and I love trout. The crust on the trout was pretty tasteless and it lacked spices. If there were any on it, I didn't taste them. The "lemon beurre blanc" sauce just tasted like melted butter to me. The fancy name didn't live up to expectations at all. It comes with green beans and polenta, but I substitued fries for the green beans yet they arrived on my plate anyway. I didn't complain since the waitress caught it but I didn't appreciate hearing that it wasn't her mistake. I really don't care who's mistake it was, so let's not talk about it to the customer please! Perhaps this was a common issue and she was tired of getting shorted on tips, at least that's the impression that statement gave to me. So she promptly brought out the polenta which I took one bite of and didn't care for it. The fries were so greasy that I left them on my plate after a few bites since greasy food will give me an IBS attack. Later while we were shopping, Hubby had a case of really bad heartburn from those fries. Seriously, Wendy's fast food restaurant makes less greasy fries! Hubby & I both love lamb and eat it on a regular basis so my husband was really looking forward to his lamb burger. The burger was greasy and not cooked to his requested "medium rare", instead it was cooked well done. The "charmoula" sauce was light with very little flavor and there was a small amount of feta cheese on the burger. Later instead of asking if the food was ok, the waitress while looking at a plate of just fries said "that lamb burger must have been delicious" all the while ignoring the fact that both of us had lots of fries left on our plate. Then she placed the dessert menus on the table without asking if we wanted dessert first. I quickly indicated that we would not be eating dessert and yet she asked if I was sure I didn't want dessert and coffee. No means no and that annoyed me. We rarely order dessert and even if we were in the mood that day for dessert ,there was no way I was going to order anything else after our experience.

This restaurant has a really nice atmosphere but does have some maintenance issues. It's showing it's seventeen years of service in several areas. The table had scratches and discoloration due to it being used so many times. I noticed the carpet had seen better days and thought it was time to be replaced. The door to the restroom had wear on it from people pushing on it so many times. The stalls did have nice marble walls. The restaurant is very large, it must be one of the largest I have ever been in. The music is classical though, I love classical music, but I know a lot of young people don't care for it all. The entire experience gave me the impression that it was once a fabulous place to eat, but now it seems to cater mostly to the retired who want to order alcohol, lunch or dinner, dessert and coffee and who's taste buds have been dulled with age.

In conclusion, based on reviews and photos I had thought this would become one of our favorite restaurants which we would frequent, but sadly we will not return. Have you tried out this restaurant? If so, what was your food like?

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