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Plated Subscription Box Review - Part 11, 12 & 13

Ingredients for Beef & Pork Ragout over Pappardelle

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Pork Chops with Shallot & Rainbow Swiss Chard

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Skate & Papas Bravas & Paprika Aioli

Recipe Results

We were excited to receive our forth box from Plated but unfortunately there were some issues with it. First, we ordered the Chicken Larb dish and received the Beef & Pork Ragout instead. We received the correct recipe card, but the wrong ingredients. Second, the box only had one ice block so the Skate fish they sent was no longer frozen or even partially frozen. That was especially disappointing because we have never tried Skate fish before and were looking forward to it. So we had to go out and buy some Flounder from Costco to substitute. We weren't able to get to the store until the next week, so it was inconvenient. Third, the red wine had leaked a bit and partially ruined the shallots it was sitting next to. Forth, the shallots were a bit smushed by the can of tomatoes. I emailed them and didn't receive a response after several days, so I called them to complain. They need to purchase noise canceling headsets for their customer service reps or do something about the background noise since it was very hard for me to hear him and he had a hard time hearing what I was saying. He hung up before I was able to ask a question also. The conversation was very rushed and I was not pleased. He gave me a store credit for the wrong dish and the unfrozen fish. I appreciate that but I really wish they would use more ice packs in their boxes like Blue Apron does. I really hate to see food go to waste and tossing it in the trash makes me sad. Dry ice would be best for the frozen foods. So since this is the second time we received fish unfrozen, sadly I won't be ordering anymore of their seafood dishes. Out of the three dishes that week funny enough our favorite was the dish that was sent in error, followed by the pork dish and lastly the fish dish.

Beef & Pork Ragout over Pappardelle

This dish was so delicious that we didn't mind receiving it instead of the Chicken Larb dish we were suppose to be sent. The noodles smelled so good when they were cooking, they smelled almost like a croissant! They must have had a lot of butter in them because there was a strong butter scent coming from them while cooking. I hope we can find the Pappardelle noodles at a store around here so we can make this recipe again. This was a generous portion and I could have saved one third of it for lunch the next day but I couldn't resist eating it all and I shared some with our four dogs. I love receiving fresh pasta in these boxes! Fresh pasta tastes so much better than dry and the texture is so much better. It takes me back to Italy where they only serve fresh pasta. Yum!

Pork Chops with Shallot & Rainbow Swiss Chard

I purchased this dish for my husband who loves pork. I'm not a big fan of pork so I wasn't very fond of this dish, while my husband really enjoyed it. This took quite a bit of prep time cleaning and chopping the produce. The shallots were a bit damaged in shipping, but I was able to peel the 1st couple of layers off them and dispose of the damaged part. The swiss chard stems were so colorful with a rainbow of colors. This was an easy recipe to cook and had a good, healthy portion size. While we enjoyed this dish we won't be rushing to remake it anytime soon since there are other Plated recipes that we loved so much.

Skate & Papas Bravas & Paprika Aioli

If you click on the ingredients photo for this recipe, you can see up close that the Skate fish looks like it's not safe to eat. It wasn't shipped at the proper temperature so it arrived with a lot of juice around it from defrosting.  Notice the color of the juice and the discoloration of the fish from white to pink, yuck. I wish they would have shipped it with more ice packs. What a waste of food. We went to Costco and bought some flounder to substitute. I wish they hadn't had the fingerling potatoes in two dishes for the same week. This dish was ok, not really worth repeating well maybe the dipping sauce. Capers are very salty, so remember not to salt what you are serving with them. This is the first time we had tried sunchokes and we loved them though it did cause stomach gas for me.

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We are looking forward to receiving the following dishes this week:

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I also reviewed Blue Apron & Hello Fresh which are similar food subscription boxes. So check those out before you leave and don't forget to enter my Blue Apron Giveaway & get your Free Graze Box. What do you think of my recipe results? 

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