Thursday, March 5, 2015

Plated Food Subscription Box Review - Part 5

Ingredients for Japanese Style Shrimp with Avocado Grapefruit Salsa

Results of Plated's Recipe

This is a review of a food subscription box from Plated. This is the fifth of their recipes we have tried so far. This one is $6 more than the normal recipes. Since I've been craving shrimp for months and love Japanese food, I went for it. They have two special entrees and seven regular entrees to chose from each week with a minimum of two recipes per week at $12 per plate. Click on the ingredients picture above to enlarge it and look at how cute the fish shaped soy sauce container is! This is a quick recipe to cook and really easy. Wow, we weren't warned that this was a HOT spicy dish. While standing over the pan cooking the shrimp in the seven Japanese spices provided, it made us cough giving us a hint at how hot this dish would be. Hubby's expression when he first tasted it, priceless. Such a funny expression! He loves spicy food and the hotter the better, but he wasn't expecting that I would purchase such a hot dish. Plated had not indicated that this dish was so hot, which I would suggest to them to do in the future. I never order super spicy food in restaurants, I just don't like how it covers up the flavor of everything else so you only taste the spice. Hubby loved this dish since he always orders spicy dishes "hot" in restaurants. I enjoyed the experience, but I'm not planning on remaking this recipe. Thinking of eating shrimp with grapefruit seemed quite odd to us! We learned that the grapefruit and avocado cooled down the spice while eating this dish and it turned out not to be strange at all but quite tasty. 

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