Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Picture Polish - Monroe Manicure

Here's my latest manicure featuring a nail polish from piCture pOlish called monroe. I used three coats to get even opacity. After two coats the color was a bit uneven on some nails. It went on a bit like a jelly polish and took longer than most polishes to apply as a result. In the macro shot you may be able to see a bit of uneven color near the cuticle, but in person at a normal distance you can not see that color difference. No matter how careful I was at overlapping the layers, it still showed any imperfection in the macro shot. It looks like a dark plum color inside in daylight and at night.  You can only see the holographic effect in the direct sunlight. This one was a bit disappointing for me, I really expected to see at least a bit of the holographic look indoors. Indoors it just looks like an ultra fine glitter polish with a plum jelly coat on top. Chipping and tip wear was minimal and it still looked good after ten days of wear. You can always depend on my blog for honest reviews on nail polishes. I purchase them myself, I don't alter the photos and I always give an honest review. No one likes to read a review and read that the nail polish is wonderful only to find out that the polish has issues after purchasing! It's always nice to know what the polish is really like! I purchased this one in a Llarowe Nail Polish Haul along with Frosting by piCture pOlish.  So check those blog posts out before you leave. Also, be sure to check out more of my manicures on my Pinterest Manicure Board, my Nail Polish For Sale Board and my Blog Sale.

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