Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Goodies Co Taster's Box - July 2013

This is a snack subscription box from Goodies Co for only $7 per month including shipping.  Included in July's box were the following snacks:
  1. Fruit Water - Orange Mango
  2. Cosmos Creations - Cinnamon Crunch
  3. Crunchmaster - Rice Crackers Multi-Grain Crisps with sea salt
  4. Sugar Foods - The Better Chip - Jalapeños with sea salt
  5. Gimbals - Cherry Lovers
The fruit water I added a little bit to my seltzer water for flavoring. It was ok, but not something I would purchase again.  The Cinnamon Crunch was a bit too sweet for me, but hubby liked it.  Neither of us liked the multi-grain crackers.  They are very bland and even our dogs wont try them.  Hubby enjoyed the Jalapeños Chips, but they were too spicy for me.  Hubby ate all of the Cherry Lovers candies and didn't even save one, not even one for me.  He obviously loved them.  He loves cherries and since they are made with real cherry juice he really enjoyed them. We really enjoy this subscription and look forward to the August box.  What's your favorite snack subscription service?

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