Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Fancy Box - Monthly Food Subscription Box


This is a new monthly subscription service called Fancy Box. They have several different types to chose from including food, P!nk, and Ashton Kutcher.  It normally costs $39 plus shipping of $7.94, but I used a coupon for $25 off which made my total only $21.95.  To purchase one for yourself at a discount, click here and use coupon code "25OFF4".  Included in March's box were the following:
  1. Toasted Almond Biscotti - flour, sugar, eggs, lemon zest & almonds
  2. Chorizo Seco - heritage breed, pastor-raised pork
  3. Q Ginger - drink straight or enhance with spirits for a natural, clean & crisp take on ginger ale
  4. Q Kola - not too sugary with a nice balance of spice, tang, savory and sweet
  5. Drunken Monkey Jam - bananas with rum & lime
  6. The Brooklyn Salsa Company - The Tropical with oranges, tomatoes, coconut milk & chili
  7. Raw Chocolate Bonbons - raw and organic
  8. Serenitea - passion flower lavender, caffeine-free
Hubby tried the biscotti and the first day he liked it, yet the next he decided in fact he did not like it.  I don't drink coffee, so I'm not a fan of biscotti.  We both tried the pork and it was just too tough a texture.  I haven't tried the drinks yet since they have 65-70 calories each.  Hubby is looking forward to trying the jam since he's a big fan of bananas.  We don't have any bread in the house right now due to our diet, so as soon as we do he's planning on trying it.  We tried the salsa, but yet again due to our diet we don't have chips in the house to try them with.  It was pretty good and nothing like anything I have had before.  Hubby tried the chocolate and he said it has a raw taste, not a big fan.  I haven't tried the tea yet since it's loose and I find it's messy, so I use only tea bags or K-cups.  I really wanted to like this box, but it just didn't meet our diet restraints currently.  I'm sure someone else would love this box and it's a good value since it retails for $70.  It was very nicely packaged and came with cards explaining each item, several recipe cards and a couple stickers (as shown above).

So there you have it, another new subscription box I gave a try.  I will be posting a few other new ones soon, so be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you don't miss out.  What new subscriptions have you tried lately?

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