Monday, March 18, 2013

Love with Food Monthly Subscription Box

Classics with a Twist

I have been on the hunt to find some monthly subscription services that I've never sampled before and one of those is Love with Food.  Get your first box for FREE, click here and use the code "DiscoverFood".  Normally it's $10 a month plus $2 shipping and they donate a meal to a hungry child, how wonderful is that!    As with most subscription boxes, it's discounted if you go with a six month or one year subscription.  Included in March's shipment were the following:
  1. Kids 50 - juice drink with apple, carrot and acerola berry juice, 50% less calories
  2. Cosmos Creations - salted caramel baked corn
  3. Mary's Gone Crackers - organic, vegan, gluten-free crunchy whole grain snack 
  4. Wacky Apple - wild berry flat fruit with apples and blackberries 
  5. Emily's Chocolates - dark chocolate orange fortune cookie 
  6. Chocwasabi - chocolate covered wasabi peas
  7. Ola! - crunchy oats with vanilla & maple syrup
  8. Revolution - green tea bag with aroma of fruit
This was an interesting box since I haven't seen these products before.  Hubby kindly asked if I had taken a photo before diving into the yummies.  He's a well trained blogger's hubby!  He first selected the salted caramel and wow is that yummy.  He promptly said "I don't think you will like it", which is code for it's so good I don't want to share.  So I begged for one little morsel to be saved for me.  Wow, that was sweet and delicious.  I wouldn't want to eat a lot at one time, since it was really sweet, but I would recommend it.  It's so yummy like candy.  Next he grabbed the Wacky Apple which is like a fruit roll up.  He loved it and I didn't care for it though I've never found any that I like.  I'm just not a fan of a fruit roll up type of food.   Next he grabbed the Chocwasabi and really liked it and I agreed.  Though this is another item I couldn't eat many of at one sitting.  It wasn't too strong and had a delayed effect, you tasted the wasabi after you chewed it up.  Next he selected the fortune cookie and he liked it.  I wasn't a fan, but I'm not a fan of the taste of fortune cookies anyway.  Next he selected the green tea box and was surprised to find a tea bag inside.  I wont be drinking that since I recently discovered I get severe headaches from green tea.  Then he tried the granola and half the bag is sitting on the counter, so I'd say he didn't like that one.  The crackers and the juice have yet to be sampled.  I will update this post after we give them a taste.    I must say hubby is a big fan of the food subscriptions I bring in the house!  He has been trained well!  He knows he can taste, but in return he must give a review!  He was so glad it wasn't more nail polish or beauty products!

So there you have it, my latest subscription box review.  Food subscription boxes are a great way of trying a monthly subscription box, since we all need food, so they are budget friendly!  I would recommend this one since it's inexpensive and has lots of samples to try out and more importantly, they give back!  I love companies that give a percentage to charity!  Stay tuned for some other new boxes, since I subscribed to several new ones this month.  What new subscription boxes have you tried lately and which one of your current subscriptions is your favorite? Please comment below!

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