Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Skyfall 007 Collection by OPI

OPI's Skyfall Collection:

Bottles of:  Live & Let Die, The Living Daylights, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies  

Swatches of: Live & Let Die, The Living Daylights, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, two coats topped with one coat of Seche Vite top coat.  Click on photos to enlarge.

This blog post features four of the thirteen polishes in the new collection called Skyfall 007 by OPI.    There are also 3 magnetic polishes:  Is That Sliva?, Bond James Bond, and Morning Money Penny.  The decision was very difficult since all the polishes in the collection are winners!  I rarely like all the polishes in any collection, so it was very difficult to decide which ones to purchase.  I read reviews on blogs and watched YouTube videos to help me decide.  Since Ulta still did not have the collection available for purchase and couldn't tell me when they would, I purchased these from Amazon.  I am still in search of the magnetic polishes, I love those from Nails, Inc and since OPI is my favorite polish, I am very anxious to try their version!  They are a must, since they have holographic particles in them!    Update:  I bought one of them, check out my Is it Silva? manicure here.  One of the thirteen polishes has pieces of real 18K gold in them for $30!  Not a bargain, and more than I am willing to spend. Well Sephora has the Sephora by OPI version on sale for half that, so I ordered that.  If you are interested, check out Sephora.com before it sells out and don't forget to use a coupon & Mr. Rebates to lower your price even more!

Live & Let Die - a very dark green with fine gold pieces.  The gold pieces mostly show up in the sun or when you move your hand in the light.  I am thinking that the 18K polish on top of this would be really pretty and that's my plan soon.  Still waiting for the 18K polish to arrive. Stay tuned for photos, subscribe so you don't miss them. Check out my manicure using this polish:  Live & Let Die + 18K Gold Top Coat.

The Living Daylights - this one has large glitter in a clear base.  Very fall colors:  dark turquoise, silver and copper.  With one coat of Seche Vite on top it doesn't have a rough finish at all.  I would recommend using this polish as a glitter top coat with one coat on top of another fall polish.  You could go with one or two coats over a white metallic polish, if you really want the glitter to stand out.

Goldeneye - the most glittery gold polish I have ever seen!  The photo was taken in the sunlight, it's more gold than that coppery, orange color it appears to be above.  If you have ever seen a gold Asian lucky cat, this is an exact match.  This one is a must have and would look great used as a french manicure tip or a chevron tip on top of a fall color polish.  The OPI website recommends that you use this on the other side of your nail, if you have long nails.  Apparently one of the actresses in the movie will be wearing it like this.  Sounds like a good idea until it's time to remove the polish from that curved area!  Maybe I'll give it a try, never liked the bare side of my nails and I have considered doing that before.  Joan Rivers believes in painting that side and it does give it a finished look.  If anyone has any tips on removing the polish from the underside of the nail, please post below for all of us! Perhaps a cuticle stick with cotton & nail polish remover on it would be best.  That reminds me, Sephora also has their nail polish remover on sale.  It is the only polish remover I use for glitter.  It saves you time and it works faster than any other, it's worth every penny!  Give it a try!  Check out my marble manicure using this polish: Marble Manicure for Christmas.

Tomorrow Never Dies - a purple blue metallic color with a warm tone to it.  It's rare to find a purple polish that has a warm fall tone rather than the typical cool summer tone.  This one would look great with 18K gold flakes on top or with a gold polish tip in french or chevron shapes.  This one looks more blue in photos, but in person the purple stands out more.  If you love purple, you will love this one, and it's perfect for fall and winter.  This color would look great with a black outfit.  It reminds me of a fall purple blouse that I use to wear and loved.

I'll post manicure photos when I try out these colors in the near future.  I will be trying that green & purple polish first and the gold either on the tip or the underside.  I will also be posting photos of my magnetic polish manicure, since I will get my hands on that polish soon!  I'll update this post with photos of the polish & it's box when it arrives also.

I love the James Bond movies!  I look forward to the new one, November 9th and here's the video trailer for your entertainment:

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