Monday, October 29, 2012

BarkBox - October 2012

October BarkBox

Leo checking out the latest box from BarkBox!

Contents of box

Leo checking out the ring toy  

Tried to get Teddy to hold the Mustache toy on his own for a photo, but instead he ran off with it.

Leo saying to Teddy regarding the hoop toy, "Teddy can I play with it too?"

Teddy playing with the mustache toy.

Cookie Time - Teddy getting his cookie and Harvey anxiously awaiting his. 

Harvey's turn, cookie time, yum!

Leo's turn, cookie!

Cookie time is over, Teddy wants to play!  Teddy asks Harvey, "Will you throw this for me, Harvey?" 

Hoop toy also works well as a tug toy.  Teddy really loves this new toy!

This is a monthly subscription service called BarkBox for $25 including shipping.  Each month my dogs wait anxiously for their next box and are so happy when they see it arrive!  In the October shipment, the following items were included:
  1. Lollycadoodle - 100% wool toy handmade by artisans in Nepal,
  2. Feelgood Treat Company - Turkey Trail Blazin crunchy treat with organic ingredients.  No wheat, gluten or preservatives,
  3. Moody Pet - Humunga Stache Mini, fetch toy,
  4. Tropiclean - Clean Teeth Gel, all natural, keeps breath fresh and helps reduce tarter & plaque,
  5. Metro Paws - fancy designed Poopy Pack,
  6. Honest Discounts - 10-75% off prescriptions at 54,000 participating locations,
Teddy loves playing fetch, so it's fun for him to have a new fetch toy to play with.  He really loves the wool hoop toy!  This was the item they all were most interested in.  All four of our dogs loved the Turkey Trail Blazin treats and they are really crunchy.  They didn't play with the mustache toy as much as the hoop.  I haven't tried the teeth gel on them yet.  The poppy packs will come in handy and have a fancy argyle design.

To see what my dogs received in their box previous months, click on the links below:

If you would like to bring joy to your doggie, subscribe today and receive $5 off your first box, click here.  

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