Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BarkBox July 2012

Harvey says "what's in that box, it smells good!"
 Opened box:
 Leo checking out the contents:
 Harvey & Leo checking out the contents of the box:
 Harvey smelling everything:
 The excitement continues:
 and continues:
 Contents of box:
 Leo presents BarkBox July 2012:
 Head tilting because of squeaking sound of toy:
 Harvey chewing on YumZies:
 and chewing:

This is the BarkBox for July 2012, it's a monthly subscription service catering to dogs. Each month a box of dog treats, toys, etc. are mailed to subscribers and their dogs enjoy their own mail!  Do you get lots of goodies through the mail?  Well your dog wants a box of goodies too!  It's only $17 a month, so click here to join today!  Use discount code WEWEB05 for $5 off your 1st box!  In this box the following were included:
  1. Pet Qwerks IncrediBubbles - blow bubbles for your pup and let them chase them.
  2. Nootie YumZies - all natural, no grain treats made in the USA
  3. Petprojekt - t-bone steak squeaky toy
  4. Metro Paws - Poopy Packs, stylish bags to clean up after your dog
  5. Precision Pet - Spinz bone, fully edible chew toy, gluten-free bone promotes healthy teeth and fresh breath.
  6. PetFlow - coupon for $10 off $40 order of dog food.  Code BRBX34FG7X
The Precision Pet Spinz bone was a hit with Harvey!  He's not the best chewer, he tends to be lazy and it takes a really good product to get him to chew!  So I'm very impressed.  He loved it, it's all gone now!  He chose it right away when I took it out of the packaging.  The second hit was the t-bone steak toy.  They all love that squeaking sound.  If you have one, just be careful and supervise this toy.  It has a little plastic hole at the bottom for the squeaking sound to come out of, but this can come off with aggressive use and the dog may swallow it.  I don't chose toys that have that. The best kind are those that have the hole molded into the toy, using the same material, so it can't come off.  The Nootie YumZies were rejected by all four dogs.  My dogs are very picky since I make homemade cookies for them every week.  Check out my recipes on this blog.  The bubbles didn't pop for the longest time, never seen anything like it before.  They do leave little white marks, so you may want to stick to outside use with this one.  So there you have it, July's BarkBox.  To see what my dogs received last month, click here.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment!  Did you receive a BarkBox lately or are you thinking of purchasing one?  What did you think?  Have a PEACEful Day!

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  1. I love these boxes. Wish I had a dog. My landlord makes me sad :(


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