Monday, June 25, 2012

BarkBox - June 2012

My 1st Barkbox for my wuffies:
 Outside of box
 Inside of box

 Contents of box
 Inside of Box

 Side of box

 Leo checking out the box
 Leo waiting for a cookie
 Leo getting his cookie!
 Cookie time!
(click on photos to enlarge)

Barkbox is a monthly subscription service in which you will receive a box of goodies for your wuffie each month for $25.00.  Included in this box:

1.  Soggy Paws dog towel by Farfetched (
2. Tumbleweed and Eddie's Double Nut Super Boost treats (
3.  Safemade Gimme Gummy toy and treat mold (
4.  Mr. Barksmiths Pop this Cool Treat (
5.  Stella & Chewy's freeze dried food (

The towel is unique because it is a rectangular shape with a pocket at each end to slip your hands into.  All four of my dogs loved the treats from Tumbleweed & Eddie's.  Leo requested that his be broken in half, because he felt it was too big.  The others didn't request that and just gobbled it up and were asking for more afterwards.  My dogs are very fussy about dog cookies, since I started making them homemade dehydrated ones for them.  So I'm always impressed when I'm able to find a cookie they will eat now.  Teddy has been enjoying playing fetch with the Gimme Gummy.  It says it's freezer, oven and dishwasher safe.  Will not be using it as a mold for cookies since it's made in China.  They have yet to try the freeze dried food.  Will update later.  My dogs enjoyed their Barkbox. They give 10% back as a donation to a local shelter or rescue.  If you would like one for your doggie, you can get $5 off by using code "WEWEB057" here. Feel free to leave me comments and follow my blog.  Thanks for reading.  Have a PEACEful Day!


  1. Hi there! I received this box, as well as July's, too! I loved them both. I noticed that you said you weren't going to bake anything in the Gimme Gummy because it's made in China. I then went to their website and read this:

    At safemade, we try to make that easier for you by producing and designing toys and products that are fun, but also steer clear of hazards that some toys on the market may pose. In fact, our toys are tested to ASTM guidelines for safety for children’s toys and the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) standards for lead and phthalates. We’ve also added a few of our own tests that simulate the rigorous ways that dogs often play with their toys. All of our bowls and feeding aids pass FDA guidelines for food safe dishware. We want our products to be safe for your entire family. You will not find “Not Suitable for Children” labels on our products.

    Does that change your mind? I'm a new puppy owner and appreciate tips to keeping my pet safe and healthy. I had just found recipes to try inside the Gimme Gummy but will hold off until I can do further research! Thanks for your help!

  2. Congrats on your new pup! No, doesn't change my mind, not worth the risk. As a rule, I just don't trust anything from China especially items for cooking or eating. Words are cheap, many things from China claiming to be safe have later been found to contain dangerous chemicals and recalled. I have 4 healthy dog cookie recipes on this blog and all you need is a baking sheet to cook them on for 3 of them. The other recipe uses a dehydrator.


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