Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BarkBox - August 2012

BarkBox for August

Inside of box:

Contents of box:

This is a monthly subscription service called BarkBox.  Included in this months box:
  1. Nature's Miracle - Puppy breath scented freshening spray for dogs coat to freshen up and condition.
  2. Hyper Pet - Pig slingshot toy for fetching.
  3. Acadia Antlers - hard chew that is long lasting, naturally shed from the moose of Maine.
  4. Milk Bone - trail mix
  5. Bocce's Bakery - The Elvis:  Peanut butter, banana and bacon, wheat free treats.
Favorite items in this package are Bocce's Bakery cookies and the Acadia Antlers.  Teddy enjoyed chewing on the piece of an antler, but our other three toy breed dogs weren't interested.  Teddy has the best teeth and the most interested in chewing out of our four dogs.  All four of our wuffies enjoyed The Elvis cookies, but not as much as my homemade cookies.  They tend to turn their nose at any cookie that isn't home made now and will let it sit till they know they aren't going to get anything better.  I wont give my dogs anything from Milk Bone, it's a brand I do not trust and my dogs just snub it and refuse to eat it anyway.  The pig toy Teddy played fetch with a bit, but he prefers furry toys rather than this type of fabric.  I already use an organic spray from Italy from the brand called Royal Treatment on my dogs to freshen up between baths.  I'm not crazy about the ingredients in Nature's Miracle.  I'm extremely picky about what products I use and feed my dogs.  So there you have it, August's BarkBox.  My dogs sure do love getting goodies in the mail!  Read about the previous boxes they received here:

BarkBox June 2012

If you would like one for your doggie, you can get $5 off by using code "WEWEB057" here.

If you know of other dog related subscription services, please leave me a comment below with that info.  Thanks for reading, give your dog a hug and kiss for me!  Have a PEACEful Day!

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