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Tatcha Review - Sensitive Skin Ritual Discovery Kit

Tatcha Sensitive Skin Ritual Discovery Kit and Rice Enzyme Powder Samples

This is a review of the Tatcha skincare products I purchased from Tatcha's website. QVC had the Discovery Kit as a TSV for $49.96 back in November, but I found out that if you had one of Tatcha's customers send you a referral email that you could buy it directly from Tatcha for $25 off. Also, you could chose which kit you wanted based on your skin's needs. So I bought it directly from Tatcha for $35 instead of the retail price of $59. They also offer three free samples with each order and free shipping. I chose three sample packets of their Rice Enzyme Powder in soothing, gentle and deep so I could compare them. QVC will have another Tatcha TSV on March 8th, but this time it will be full sized products instead of travel sized. It's preorder item number is A278621 and it costs $150 or 3 payments of $50. This time you get to chose gentle, classic or deep. The preorder auto-delivery item number is A279323. It's available for purchase today by clicking on those links through the 7th of March, then the item number is A279063 on March 8th. 

Since going on QVC, the line has started getting more buzz especially about their powder cleanser called Rice Enzyme Powder. Most people who have tried it really love it. If you haven't heard of this Geisha inspired cosmetic line, watch the video below to learn all about it directly from the founder, Vicky Tsai. She was interviewed by an ex-QVC host, Lisa Robertson. It's a very interesting and long interview, so I suggest you grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy!

This is what I received in my Sensitive Skin Ritual Discovery Kit:
  1. One Step Camilla Cleansing Oil, 25 ml, 1/6 original size, $8 retail value
  2. Indigo Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder, 10 g, 1/6 original, $10.83 value
  3. Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum, 10 ml, 1/3 original, $31.66 value
  4. Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream, 10 ml, 1/5 original, $27 value
This kit's value based on the prices of the full sizes is $77.49. If you purchased the travel sized products separately, they would cost you $90, so the discovery kit is a good value. You're receiving a discount to encourage you to try it out. I have been using the products for a month now to give you an accurate review. 

The Camilla Cleansing Oil is the first cleanser that I have found that removes my mascara and eye liner with only one washing. Usually I have to wash my face several times and use a cleansing wipe to remove my eye makeup. So I highly recommend this for removing eye makeup. It also does not bother my sensitive eyes. I prefer my Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil for non makeup days since I prefer the way my face feels afterwards and it's less costly. 

The Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder is the product that I would recommend purchasing if you could only afford to buy one product. This is the product that many people have been talking about loving so much. Sephora has a mini size for $15, if you would like to give it a try. I prefer it over a similar product from Josie Maran called Argan Exfoliating Cleansing Powder. You only need one hand to apply Tatcha's version and less water. Josie's requires you to start by putting the powder in your hand and then using the other hand to add water and rub it together to activate it and then apply to your face with both hands. For Tatcha's powder, I dab some warm water on my face, then add some water to my hand and sprinkle the powder in my hand. Then I apply to my face and rub for a bit of lather. Personally, I prefer the one handed application and it activates faster. It does a good job of exfoliating gently and it leaves your skin nice and smooth. It's perfect to use prior to makeup application.

The Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum leaves my skin a bit tacky, so I'm not crazy about it and I saw much better results from Josie Maran's Pure Argan Milk. I like that it feels like a cool gel when it goes on, it's just afterwards that sticky feeling is a deal breaker for me and not to mention the super expensive price tag. You'll find that you'll want to add another moisturizer afterwards because it's not super mositurzing.

The Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream also has a bit of a tacky feeling after it's applied. You must make sure you rub it in well, because if you don't you'll have bits of a sea green color left on your face. I was wondering why she made it a green color, but I learned in the video above that one of the ingredients is naturally that color. I really didn't see any results other than moisturization after using this creme.  

Well there you have it, my full review of Tatcha's Discovery Kit. In conclusion, I recommend her Cleansing Oil for removing makeup and her Enzyme Powder for one step exfoliating and cleansing. I recommend purchasing the Discovery Kit directly from Tatcha, if you want to try more than one product. If you want to try only one product, purchase the mini size Enzyme Powder from Sephora. Well I hope you found this helpful and interesting. Have you tried Tatcha already or are you tempted? Please comment below.

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  1. Hello! I loved your post and was thinking of buying it, would it be possible to for you to help me out with the customer referral? I'd be forever thankful :)

    1. Sorry, this post is over a year old and they don't offer that discount anymore.


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