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Preview QVC's WEN TSV for December 5th

QVC's WEN TSV - December 5th 2015

WEN in Ginger Pumpkin, Winter Mint, Honey Lilac, Coconut Lime Verbena, Honey Peach (click on photos to enlarge)

On December 5th 2015, QVC will have a Today's Special Value from WEN by Chaz Dean. It will be a set of five 16 fl oz cleansing conditioners for $79.90 or five payments of $15.98 plus $3 shipping. It comes in three choices: rice, classic and seasonal. The preordering number is A274945 for a one time shipment or A276142 for auto-delivery which will feature one more shipment in six months without the gift boxes. Normally one 16 fl oz cleansing conditioner costs $29 for classic and $36 for seasonal & rice. This TSV is only $15.98 a bottle, so that's an awesome bargain coming in at approximately 45% off the classic set and 56% off the rice & seasonal sets. I preordered the seasonal collection which you can see in the photo above. It includes a repeat of some of customers' favorite seasonal scents:
  1. Ginger Pumpkin for Fall
  2. Vanilla Mint for Winter
  3. Honey Lilac for Spring
  4. Honey Peach for Summer
  5. Coconut Lime Verbena for Summer
The classic collection features his original scents:
  1. Pomegranate
  2. Lavender
  3. Tea Tree
  4. Fig
  5. Sweet Almond Mint
The rice collection features his most recent creations:
  1. Two of Bamboo Green Tea
  2. Two of Mandarin Italian Fig
  3. One of Fragrance Free
On a previous TSV seasonal auto-delivery, I received Vanilla Mint and Ginger Pumpkin and absolutely loved the scents. Ginger Pumpkin is the perfect scent for fall. Vanilla Mint is my most favorite scent, so much so that this summer I bought it in the gallon size. It smells just like an Andes Mint Chocolate! I also like the lavender scent, but I'm not crazy about sweet almond mint, fig or pomegranate. I haven't had the chance to try the newest scents nor tea tree. I just smelled Lilac and it's a very lovely perfume scent. All of the scents I have tested so far have a very authentic scent and leave your hair smelling so good. The fragrances lasts all day! Which scent is your favorite so far? 

If you haven't tried WEN before, know that it does involve a learning curve in that you will have to determine how much you should use each time for your hair type and length. Each bottle size pumps out a different amount, so you'll have to adjust for the bottle sizes also. I recommend using a regular shampoo once or twice a week to get rid of any buildup of the product. Depending on your hair type and lifestyle you may not have to use it daily. I find for my fine, thin, long hair I have to use it daily or it looks oily. Plus I exercise, so I have to use it on those days. I use a bit less of the product on days I don't exercise. You can also use a wide tooth comb and comb the product through your hair, but I haven't found that necessary and I like to get out of the shower as fast as possible. I apply it as soon as I get in the shower and I rinse it out right before I'm ready to exit. Make sure it's thoroughly rinsed out unless your hair tends to be on the dry side. I have had several hair stylists mention how soft my hair is as a result of using WEN for many years. Hubby who has thick, wavy, short hair, likes to use it as a conditioner and doesn't rinse it out completely, so it's also a leave in conditioner. I even use it occasionally as conditioner on my long-haired Maltese & Shih-Tzu dogs who I wash weekly. I just avoid getting it in their eyes. If you have any questions about using the product or the product itself, feel free to comment below and I'll try to help you.

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