Tuesday, May 28, 2013

World Dinner Club - March & April 2013

By Hungry Globetrotter

March 2013

April 2013

This is a monthly food subscription box called World Dinner Club by Hungry Globetrotter which costs $34.95.  I found a coupon, so my first box was only $12.48.  

Included in the March box were four products for making a Rustic Tuscan Dinner and the necessary recipe cards. Hubby, who I call Chef le John, followed the recipe cards and made everything in the box and the house smelled so yummy!  We enjoyed everything, but it made more than the four servings they stated it would make.  I wish we had made half of it, so that we didn't have so much left over food.  The focaccia rosemary bread was heavenly and I'd love to find a store that sells this bread mix!  I was skeptical that all we needed to make it rise was seltzer water, but it worked and it was delicious.  It could have used more rosemary though.  We also enjoyed the Tuscan soup and the Farro.  Hubby used the Italian seasoning salt on chicken and it was especially good mixed with olive oil to make a bread dipping oil.  

The April box included four items to make an Inca Trail Tastes Dinner.  We already have an entire cabinet full of spices, so we didn't need anymore oregano or cumin.  Hubby used the chili paste on a chicken and rice dish and it was really delicious.  We haven't tried the Kaniwa yet and we'll need to refer to the recipe card for that one. 

This is a fun, worldly dinner box to subscribe to.  To join the World Dinner Club and receive $10 back use this link.  

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