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PetFlow Spoiled Rotten Box - December 2012

December Shipment from

Leo waiting to check out all the goodies  

Update - Warning, do not subscribe to this service!  They charged my credit card and sent a shipment after I cancelled the Spoiled Rotten shipments. Then they said I could return it and gave me a link to FedEx to print out a label. This link did not work. Then they said they would give me a credit. I call to use that credit and hung up on twice, then they wont place my order until I give my credit card # even though my order is less than my credit! Unbelievable!  

I'm always on the lookout for great monthly subscription boxes and this is a new one I recently found out about, so I thought I'd give it a try.  It's $24.99 and to receive $5 off your first box, use coupon code SRB9.  Included in this month's box were the following:
  1. Barnyard Buddy Calf
  2. YumZies - bag of hickory bacon flavored treat
  3. Venison Joe's - two hickory smoked gourmet beef bones
  4. Luther's Treats Mind - chicken apple sausage flavor
  5. Tropiclean - teeth gel
My dogs love furry toys that squeak, but this cow toy is a bit large for toy breeds.  Teddy (Maltese) will fetch just about anything though.  My dogs have tried the yumZies brand before and they just reject them.  I'll be donating that one.  Issy (Shih Tzu) will eat them after they sit there for awhile and she realizes I'm not giving out anything better.  Maybe your dogs will enjoy them, but mine are use to freshly baked treats made by me.  You will find many healthy dog cookie recipes on this blog.  My dogs love real beef bones and I stopped giving them to them for awhile since there are such different views and opinions on giving these to dogs.  Some people say they are fabulous for cleaning their teeth, while others say they aren't quite safe enough for their stomach.  How do you feel about giving real bones to your dogs?  They sure do love them.  The Venison Joe's brand is a US product, which is great.  I prefer to buy US products.  I wish they had placed them in a sealed bag because the basting got all over everything in the box.  The stuffed toy has to be cleaned off.  It was quite messy.  The Luther treats were approved by Isabella who stole some from Harvey and then looked around for more.  After several minutes Leo & Harvey tried them out and Teddy rejected them. I threw out the rest of the treats since they didn't agree with Harvey's stomach.  I wont use Tropiclean, I don't like the look of the ingredients and I'm very careful about what I give my dogs.  That will just be thrown away.  I heard a very bad review online, so I'm not even going to chance it.  So there you have it, my review of PetFlow's monthly subscription box for dogs.

Previous finds for my dogs include BarkBox and Doggyloot, I highly recommend those companies and you can find out about them on my blog.  If you have any suggestions on places online to shop for dogs, please comment below.

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