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First Watch Restaurant Review - Cary, NC

1325 Bradford View Drive
Cary, NC  27513
(919) 655-8005

Exterior View

Interior Decor

Two for You  1/2 Sandwich & 1/2 Salad - $7.79

The Works Omelette - $10.99 

This is a review for a fairly new restaurant called First Watch located in Cary, North Carolina. It's located off High House Road next to Publix and across from PDQ. Their health score is currently 94.5. They are open everyday from 7 am to 2:30 pm, so they only serve breakfast and lunch. We noticed this restaurant since we shop at Publix and decided to give it a try, if we were in the area before they close. Hubby had a rare weekday off and we were going to see a movie, so we decided to get lunch prior. This location isn't far from Park West 14 Cinemas. They also have three locations in Raleigh. We visited around 1:30 pm on a Tuesday. They had quite a few customers for that hour, but it wasn't busy. It appears to be most popular with women since 90% of the customers were women! They are currently constructing the outside seating area. There were no employees in sight when we arrived and we had to wait quite awhile for someone to show up even though they have a register and hostess area at the front. This was a bad first impression and made worse by the waiter making up an excuse for not showing up promptly. I hate it when people make excuses, to me there is no excuse, just apologize! I wont believe your excuse anyway, in my mind I'm thinking he was just in the back on his phone because things were slow. Apparently, that day they didn't have a hostess or cashier since the wait staff did both. There was someone bussing tables, but very slowly. The table next to us wasn't cleaned up until half way through our meal, another pet peeve of mine.

We were seated and tried to decide what to order. At the table waiting is chilled water in a large glass pitcher. I would have preferred that it be delivered after we arrived. Since they serve breakfast and lunch at the same time, one has to first decide which they want and there are quite a few choices on the menu. Since I had a hard time deciding between a sandwich and a salad, I was happy to see that they offer 1/2 of each for one entree. So I ordered the Two for You with 1/2 of a Monterey Club Sandwich and 1/2 of a Sweet Honey Pecan Salad. The Monterey Club is described as "turkey, bacon, avocado, organic mixed greens, tomato, Monterey Jack and mayo on sourdough" which costs $9.89, if purchased separately. I do not recommend ordering it. The inside ingredients were slightly warm, the bread wasn't toasted at all and the sandwich tasted off to me. So did they warm the inside in a microwave and then slap some cold bread on top?! That's the impression I got. I've never ever in my life been served a club sandwich that didn't have warm toasted bread and I've ordered a lot of club sandwiches in my life! I found it shocking. I was so glad I hadn't ordered the full sized version. On to the salad, it's described as "organic mixed greens, romaine, all natural chicken breast, bacon, toasted pecans, avocado, tomatoes and carrots with Cheddar and Monterey Jack, drizzled with warm honey Dijon dressing. It costs $9.59, if purchased separately. The two 1/2 sided entrees cost $7.79, so it's a pretty good deal in comparison. The salad was very tasty, but I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side and I assumed a restaurant like this would automatically put it on the side. I would have used about 1/3 of the dressing, if I had been able to add it myself. I had never had warmed up dressing before on a cold salad, it was very nice that way, I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this salad, if you get the dressing on the side. The chicken was cut into very small rectangular pieces, it had a nice texture and it was very moist. The dressing is on the sweet side, so I recommend using it sparingly, it gave me a bit of a stomach ache. The bacon was very tasty and I'm quite picky about bacon. My complaint about this salad was there wasn't much lettuce, it needed twice as much to accommodate that much toppings. I also didn't like how the lettuce was falling off the plate and touching the table. So I pulled out those pieces and didn't eat them. There were other ladies having just salads and they were quite large, I doubt this salad was actually as much as 1/2 a salad, perhaps a 1/3. I wasn't very full after eating this meal since I didn't eat much of the sandwich because it tasted bad. I picked at the turkey and that was it after having one bite. Hubby ordered The Works Omelette and it's described as "ham, bacon, sausage, house roasted Crimini mushrooms, onions and tomatoes topped with Cheddar & Monterey Jack. Topped with all natural sour cream". He asked for it without the tomatoes and clearly, as shown in the above photo, they added them to the top. It also comes with an already buttered slice of toast. I thought it was odd that it was served with butter on it already and I considered it over buttered.  He also asked for a side of bacon and that was only two slices. It came with preserves, but the menu doesn't say what flavor nor was he asked which flavor he would like. He's on a low carb diet, but thought I might like it, but once I saw how over buttered it was I found it very unappetizing. Hubby didn't care for the omelette, the toppings were simply placed in between the cooked eggs rather than mixed in with the uncooked eggs and cooked. Who makes an omelette this way, crazy! He said the quality wasn't there, only the bacon was tasty. I suspect the microwave is used quite often at this restaurant. Their menu has a lot of unique dishes that sound so appetizing, it's a shame the kitchen staff isn't able to pull it off.

We didn't care for the waiter, he was the loud, in your face type and wasn't respectful. We're a couple quite older than him and we were put off by his statement "you're killing me here" when asking about the low carb side item options for my husband. That's something you would say to a friend, not a customer. He was prompt with delivering our entrees though, they came out in about ten minutes. He said it was quick because they don't have many customers at that time of day, so it takes longer during the busy times. Hubby went to check out and had to wait for someone to show up to check him out at the register. The waitress had an attitude like she didn't want to be there and was unfriendly. This isn't an inexpensive restaurant, so this type of service is especially unacceptable. I just read complaints about the food and service at this location and that other locations are much better. We will not be returning to this location, it wasn't a pleasant experience and we regret giving it a try. We may give another location a try, but not very likely since they are too far away to bother. What's your favorite brunch restaurant in the Triangle? I recommend Winston's Grille in Raleigh.

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