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QVC's Josie Maran Whipped Argan Body Butters Set TSV Review

May 26th Josie Maran TSV

This is a review of QVC's Today's Special Value (TSV) for today, May 26th, 2018. I preordered the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Body Butters Five Piece Mega Set on May 23rd and I received it today, May 26th. It costs $69.96 or four payments of $17.49 plus $3.00 shipping and tax. That's only $14.59 a jar before tax and they have a retail value of $35.00. The retail value of this set of five jars is $175.00. It's also available on auto delivery with just one additional shipment. They are made in the USA. This set comes only in the shipping box as shown above. Usually her sets come in a nice gift box not just a shipping box. My box is quite dirty on the outside, so I wouldn't recommend gifting it in this box. Each jar is 8 oz. and these are the scents:
  1. Unscented - light & clean fragrance free
  2. Pure Vanilla Bean - fresh creamy Madagascar vanilla bean blend
  3. Vanilla Apricot - warm apricot, Valencia orange & vanilla blend
  4. Sunny Citrus - citrus blend with orange pomelo
  5. Summer Funday - light pink jasmine pear floral scent
The Sunny Citrus and Pomegranate Citrus scents are new to the line and are QVC exclusives until August 15th of this year. If you go on auto delivery, you'll be sent a second shipment on November 20th of this year. You'll receive the following scents in that shipment:
  1. Unscented
  2. Pure Vanilla Bean
  3. Vanilla Apricot 
  4. Pomegranate Citrus - bright & fresh juicy pomegranate scent
  5. Winter White Almond - warm & cozy, creamy honey almond scent
The two new scents in the first shipment will be replaced by two more new scents in the 2nd shipment. 

Sunny Citrus smells really good to me and it's a bit difficult to single out anything other than orange. It's a very light scent that dissipates quite quickly. Hubby says it smells like Fruit Loops cereal and I agree. One of my Maltese dogs, Leo, licked his lips after smelling it. He loves smelling things, so I offer a sniff and he knows not to eat or lick it. Summer Funday smells really good also! At first I smell the pear followed by a delightful floral. This one doesn't dissipate as quickly. Hubby says he smells banana, but when told it's suppose to smell like pear he agreed it does. Leo licked his lips after a sniff, but he prefers the other one. It's really hard to chose a favorite, I guess I pick Summer Funday since it's scent lasts longer. They are both winners and I hope she brings these scents back. Don't hesitate to order, they are lovely and perfect scents for summer. 

These jars are almost full, they are not filled to the top so they aren't damaged in shipping and they don't have seals. Just tap them on a table to release the air bubble and then it will be level at the top. If you haven't tried Josie's body butters before, I recommend you give them a try. They are a bit on the oily side, but extremely moisturizing. Give them a little time to sink in and make sure you use a tiny bit since a little goes a long way. The main ingredients are argan oil, sunflower seed oil and shea butter. For those that haven't tried Vanilla Bean before, it smells like vanilla ice cream that has real vanilla bean in it. It's a very nice scent, if you like food scents. It's a bit plain, so it's not my favorite, but I enjoy it. Vanilla Apricot smells like you just cut into a fresh, juicy peach or apricot and added a just a bit of vanilla ice cream. It's enjoyable also. Of all the scents I've tried so far, my favorities are Peppermint Bark & Salted Caramel followed Summer Funday & then Sunny Citrus. What's your favorite scent?

So there you have my review, hopefully this post will help you decide whether or not to order this set. Sometimes it makes me a bit nervous to order when Josie offers new scents, but rest assured these are nice additions to her line.

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