Tuesday, April 10, 2018

QVC's Harry Slatkin Ceramic Fruit Basket Candle TSV Review

HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin Ceramic Fruit Basket with Two 9 oz. Candles

This is a review of QVC's Today's Special Value (TSV) for April 5th. I just received it today and I must say it's nicer in person. I like the retro feel it has, so while I had planed to have self control and not purchase it, I caved when I saw the presentation. Until now, I have resisted buying any of Harry's candles since his return last year. Since this TSV seemed like a pretty good deal and I love his ceramic creations, I decided to give this one a try. It's TSV price was $36.96 with free shipping. The current price is only $3 more, but shipping is $5.50. This TSV includes the ceramic fruit basket which is matte and a top which is a choice of apples, peaches, blueberries or strawberries. The apple top is very shiny and it has eleven hand painted apples and it's quite heavy. It also includes two 9 oz. candles in ceramic bases the same color as the basket. I chose the apple one since our main living area is decorated in burgundy and yellow. If my decision was based on only scent, I would have chosen the blueberry since Harry's blueberry candles were one of my favorites when they were sold at Bath & Body Works. I also enjoy his apple candles, so it was an easy decision. Shortly after I lit the candle I could smell the apple. It smells like a red apple just as you slice it. The candle is described as "crisp green apples and tart red apples along with black cherries come together with a hint of sugarcane and maple". It doesn't have that complex combination scent that I have come to expect from Harry. I would have liked a bit of spice added to it. I don't smell the cherry, sugar or maple. It's quite slow to melt, I'm at over an hour now and it hasn't reached the edges completely yet. The scent comes and goes and hasn't filled the room. The figural is adorable and it makes for a lovely decoration for my coffee table. I have a very large coffee table, so I find large pieces look best on it and this piece is quite large. Each candle is suppose to have a burn time of twenty hours. I have returned now after two hours burn time to tell you that it has a bit of sweetness to it now, it's not just tart anymore. It has a tiny amount of wax in the corners that hasn't melted yet. This one is available on auto delivery and it includes just one more shipment in October which is a basket with little pumpkins and it has a fall pumpkin scent.

I'm so happy that Harry had a more affordable TSV this time and offered free shipping. I hope that he will consider that again for the next TSV. While I'm a bit disappointed in the candle's scent, I adore the ceramic basket with apples. It's a nice pick me up while we wait for spring to arrive again and hopefully stay awhile before the long summer. One day it's in the 50's and the next it's almost 80 degrees, we've been riding the North Carolina weather roller coaster lately.  It even snowed last Sunday in the early morning hours. I've never seen snow here in April before. We've also had way too many rainy days. What do you do for a pick me up?

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PS - there are refills, H214483, it's a set of two for $25.20 plus $5.50 shipping which makes it only $6.26 less than the TSV. Would have been nice if he had offered the refills in a less expensive container than ceramic.  

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  1. Thank you for your review! I really wanted to try the strawberry candle, but had no idea where I could put it, my house is already pretty full, but now I regret it, it really looks so beautiful! In CT, our weather has been insane too, so I think you're right, this definitely would provide a little pick me up! Whenever it gets the slightest bit warm and sunny, I throw on my white pants, that really gets me in the mood for summer! Thanks for sharing as always!

    1. You're welcome, Nicole! Don't you hate buyer's regret! If they have another free s/h day, I'd grab one or if it goes on sale. I'm not a fan of summer, too hot and humid here and too many months of it. I love spring & fall and winter when it occasionally snows here. I'm afraid our spring will be very short again, it can be hot by the end of this month. Thanks for leaving a comment :)

  2. it is so pretty

    would have been nice for them to offer some type of refill for that so we could get more use from it
    could you put a round candle inside ?

    1. Forgot to mention he does sell the refills, I posted a link on my TSV list. Unfortunately, they are only $6.26 less than the TSV after s/h. They are in the same ceramic containers. Would have been nice if he had chosen a less expensive container for the refills. Since the basket is square and they have a lip at the top, it's difficult to place a different candle inside the TSV. It would have to be a small candle. Here's the refills: http://www.qvc.com/HomeWorx-by-Harry-Slatkin-Set-of-2-Drop-In-9-oz-Candles.product.H214483.html?sc=SRCH

  3. This is a great picture, looks very 3d like!

  4. Wow. This is beautiful. Thanks for doing a review!

  5. It's very nice and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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