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Boxy Charm Subscription Box Review - February 2018

Galaxy Glow - February Boxy Charm 2018

This is a review of a monthly cosmetic subscription box called Boxy Charm. Each month they send around five full sized products for $21 including shipping. Usually just one of the five product's retail value is equal to the price of the box, so it's like receiving the rest for free. It's quite the bargain. The retail value is usually over $100 and this month the retail value is $142.98. Included in the February box were the following products:
  1. Naked Cosmetics - Holographic Highlighter Collection, made in the USA, $39.99 retail value
  2. Seraphine Botanicals - Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer, formulated in the UK & packaging made in China, .51 fl. oz., $24.00 retail value
  3. Cover FX - Shimmer Veil, made in Intaly, .14 fl. oz., $28.00 retail value
  4. Vintage Cosmetics - Smokey Eye Pencil in jet black, made in China, .04 oz., $21.00 retail value
  5. Crown Pro - Trio Brush Set, made in China, $29.99 retail value
I'm not pleased with so many of the products this month being made in China. It's a deal breaker for me, so I cancelled after trying this subscription box for two months. I gave the Naked Cosmetics Highlighters a try. They are very pigmented, so be sure to use a light hand. I found blending a lot helped it look better. They are fun, but I don't think I would wear any of the six colors in a business environment. The Seraphine Botanicals Lip Buffer smells like lemon hard candy, it's very pleasant. It's very oily and it has some sugar crystals for exfoliating. It says it also has avocado, apricot, jojoba oils, shea & coca butter. I would recommend using it prior to washing your face since it takes a bit of face wash to remove the oil after exfoliating. While it did moisturize, it didn't remove a large piece of dead skin on my lips. I think this would be best used on a regular basis rather than only when you desperately need it like I do after having pneumonia for two weeks. I like it and will use it, but for $24 it's not something I would purchase. The Cover FX Shimmer Veil is fun. I think it's best for evening use and I would recommend using a base of a pink eye shadow since it's not completely opaque. It felt a bit sticky shortly after application, but after some time it felt like a normal eye shadow. Try to not get it on your eyelashes because I managed to and it was irritating. I'm going to skip giving the Vintage Cosmetics Eye Pencil a try, it's going straight to my blog sale box. My eyes are so sensitive, I have to be careful, so I usually stick to liquid eye liners. Eye pencils tend to tug at the skin and irritate. I really like the Crown Pro brushes, they aren't of the highest quality, but I'll be using them. They are soft and I like the pretty pink tips. 

My favorite item in this month's box is the brush set. 2nd place goes to the lip buffer. What was your favorite item? If you haven't subscribed yet, what's keeping you from giving this subscription box a try? Check out what I received in my January Boxy Charm Box.

Spoiler Alert - the March box will include Pür Twelve Piece Eye Shadow Palette, Vintage Cosmetic Company Three Piece Smokey Eye Brush Set and Pretty Vulgar Powder Blush, plus two other items yet to be revealed.

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