Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Julep Subscription Box - December 2017

Julep's Kalli, Lonnelle, Leia, Persephone, Marguerite & Kemper Nail Polishes

This is a review of a monthly cosmetic subscription box from Julep. For $19.99 I received three nail polishes from the Going Baroque collection, the Starlit Soiree set of two nail polishes, a Charcoal Konjac Sponge (not pictured) and to my surprise I received a free mystery nail polish. That works out to only $2.71 per item! Bargain! They gave out a free nail polish to subscribers for the month of December, what a lovely and generous surprise. It also came with a coupon for an additional free nail polish of our choice (code below). My December box started out with three nail polishes from the Classic with a Twist Collection and some snowflake nail stickers. I swapped out some of the colors they chose for me and swapped out the nail stickers for the Charcoal Konjac Sponge. Then I used 1000 Jules (reward points) to add on the Starlit Soiree set of two nail polishes. So I started out with three nail polishes and landed up with six for the same price! The total retail value for my box is $96! Excitement! Here's a detailed list of what I received in my December box:
  1. Kalli, Bombshell Collection, Gold Dust Metallic with Holographic Shimmer, $14 retail value, $11 for Mavens (subscribers)
  2. Lonnelle, Boho Glam, Sahara Gold Multidimensional Holographic, $14 retail value
  3. Leia, Boho Glam, Pine Green Holographic, $14 retail value
  4. Persephone, Bombshell Collection, Crushed Berry Holographic, $14 retail value
  5. Marguerite, Classic with a Twist, Gold Dipped Raspberry Metallic, $14 retail value
  6. Kemper, Boho Glam, Psychedelic Violet Crème, $14 retail value
  7. Charcoal Konjac Sponge, $12 retail value
I could have also swapped out some nail polish for some Matte Lip Mousse, but I absolutely love holographic nail polish, so I chose them. If you don't like making decisions or you want a surprise in the mail, you can just stick with what Julep choses for you based on your answers on the beauty questionnaire.

The above photo was taken on a cloudy day in indoor light. The holographic glitter shows up so much better in sunlight. The glitter in the nail polish lights up like a Christmas tree! It has a similar look to holographic Christmas wrapping paper. I used two coats of all of the nail polish except Kemper in which I used three. Kemper shows up a bit darker and less bright when painted. All of the nail polishes had a good consistency except Kemper which was a bit too thin. Check out my swatches:

Kalli, Lonnelle, Leia, Persephone, Marguerite & Kemper

Kalli is an extremely reflective true gold that appears textured yet it smooth as glass with holographic pieces of glitter. Lonnelle is a coppery gold that also appears textured yet smooth as glass with holographic pieces of glitter. Leia I have on my nails now, so stay tuned for my manicure featuring it tomorrow. I chose to wear it first since it's the most Christmasy look. It's a dark green with holographic pieces of glitter that are highly reflective. Persephone is similar to Leia's appearance, but in a berry color. Marguerite has a unique look since at first it appears to be a pretty dirty pink, but it really lights up with movement when it reflects gold. I'd say that's my 2nd favorite followed by Kalli. Kemper's first coat went on like a jelly, the second coat looked a bit patchy, so I added a third coat and it appears a bit darker than in the bottle. In the bottle it's much brighter. I used a base coat of Perfect Formula's Manicure Booster and a top coat of Seche Vite. So which of the six nail polishes is your favorite?

If you haven't entered the world of Julep, be sure to sign up now since they have the most amazing offer I've seen over the many years I've been a subscriber. They are offering a twelve piece collection for free just for signing up and becoming a member! To skip shipments, go to their website on the 20th and chose skip or customize your box to suit your preferences. They also offer a Secret Store shortly thereafter for those that chose to purchase their box that month. The discounts are wonderful, but they also offer discounted add-ons for each monthly box, so be sure to check those out. I highly recommend Julep products and their subscription box. Out of all the subscription boxes I've subscribed to over the years, I've subscribed to Julep the longest.

Bargain Alert:  

Free Nail Polish with $10 Purchase - code DECEMBERCOLOR, expires 12/31

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