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Play! by Sephora Subscription Box - October 2017

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This is a review of the October Play! by Sephora subscription box. This one only costs $10 including shipping and this month's box has a retail value of $45.40.  Bargain! There are several different boxes that are sent out based on customers' profiles. Included in my October box are the following products:
  1. Laura Mercier - Transluscent Powder, made in the USA 🇺🇸 , .12 oz, $4.56 retail value
  2. Chanel - Gabrielle Chanel, made in France 🇫🇷 , .05 fl. oz., $3.08 retail value
  3. Make Up For Ever - Ultra HD Skin Booster, made in France 🇫🇷, .15 fl. oz., $15.37 retail value
  4. Cover FX - Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight, made in Italy 🇮🇹 , .095 fl. oz., $7.98 retail value
  5. Becca - First Light Filter Face Primer, made in the USA 🇺🇸 , .2 fl. oz., $7.60 retail value
  6. Make Up For Ever - Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation R230, made in France 🇫🇷, .16 fl. oz., $6.81 retail value 
I wish they had sent me the correct shade of foundation especially since I've heard such great things about this foundation and I haven't tired it before. R230, Ivory isn't the lightest shade they have. It's the sixth lightest shade and I need the lightest. It sinks into the skin very quickly, dries quickly and has a matte appearance which I really like. Sadly, it does appear to highlight fine lines. I love Chanel fragrances and haven't tried Gabrielle before. Due to my allergies acting up today, I'm not able to smell it so well. It is a strong scent when you first put it on and then it very subtle. It smells like a powdery floral scent to me. It has notes of jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose and ylang-ylang. It's nice, but I prefer the original Chanel perfume. Not so sure if I can pull off a metallic highlighter that Cover FX provides. It blends well, but you can still see a metallic shine. The description says it provides a soft, silver glow. It looks like rose gold to me. This sample size will last a very long time since it only takes the smallest amount. The Make Up For Ever Skin Booster is suppose to moisturize, smooth the appearance of fine lines and prep the skin for makeup. It doesn't dry as quickly as other brands and it leaves the skin tacky. I think I'll stick with the brands Julep and Laura Gellar instead. I don't like products that leave the skin feeling sticky. The Becca Face Primer dries quickly and feels a bit moisturizing without feeling sticky. It doesn't leave as smooth as a finish as other brands do. The Laura Mercier Translucent Powder goes on easily and leaves a matte finish. I like that this one offers a light skin tone color rather than a white color. I find they look more natural. I'll be using this one for sure. It's similar to the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, but it appears you don't need to use as much product.

My favorite thing in this box would be the Make Up For Ever Foundation, if it had been in the correct shade. So, my next favorite is Laura Mercier's Translucent Powder. What types of samples would you prefer to receive in your box? What I would like to receive each month is a lipstick, foundation that matches my skin tone, mascara, a newly released product and a moisturizer in each box. I've received so many primers over the years, I really don't care for yet another sample. Receiving three face primers in one box isn't the variety I was looking for. If you received a box from Sephora this month, what's your favorite sample?   While this wasn't my favorite Sephora box so far, I will enjoy playing with the samples. If you haven't subscribed, what's your reason for not subscribing?

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