Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Red Robin Restaurant Review - Apex, NC

1431 Beaver Creek Commons Drive
Apex, NC  27502
(919) 363-8599

Exterior View

Interior View

Guacamole Bacon Burger & Fries - $10.99

Crispy Chicken Tender Salad - $10.49

This is a review of a restaurant called Red Robin located in Apex, North Carolina.  It's a franchise with several locations in the area. There is also one in Cary, Garner, Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest and Fayetteville. The Apex location is open from 11 am until 10 pm everyday except Friday and Saturday when they stay open one hour longer. We visited around 3:30 pm on a Sunday and it wasn't busy as you can see in the interior photo above. Their sanitation score is currently 96.5, but you would guess it was much lower looking at the table in the interior photo showing the mess left behind by a family. That table sat there like that for a long time before it was cleaned up. One person came by and started to clean and left, then another person did the same and then finally the 2nd person showed up to finish the job. It was an extremely unappetizing view. We were greeted as soon as we entered the building and seated at a booth.

After a few minutes the waiter came over and asked for our drink orders. Then our drinks were delivered and we ordered. Hubby ordered the Guacamole Bacon Burger and I ordered the Crispy Chicken Tender Salad. About ten minutes later our entrees were delivered. I was shocked to see how small Hubby's burger was and how few toppings were served. We had not been to a Red Robin for three years due to relocation and no locations nearby. We had frequented this location when we lived here before. Their burgers were always huge and impressive! Hubby's burger is described as "guac, bacon, Swiss, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and mayo". There was a tiny amount of guacamole on the burger unlike the photos they have on their website. Compare my photo with theirs and you'll see why Hubby was so disappointed. They use to look like the website three years ago and they were very filling. This looked like a kid sized burger and there weren't nearly as many fries as they normally serve. They offer bottomless fries and the wait staff is suppose to bring out more fries if desired. I was also shocked to see how little fried chicken was on my salad. Take a look at their photo and then my above. It was a least half of what I used to be served. Also, the egg was sliced incredibly thin and there were only a couple slices on my salad, not even a 1/3 of an egg and the slices weren't intact. The salad had mostly iceberg lettuce and it was a thin layer. I asked the waiter which dressings they offer and ordered the Baja Ranch dressing and was told it was a spicy ranch. It's not listed on the online menu. The only thing close to it is called Salsa Ranch. It was so watery I asked for some Thousand Island instead. It had very little flavor as if water was added to it because they were running out. The best part of the salad was the chicken tenders which were crunchy and tasty, but I wasn't served enough for it to be filling. It's described as "your favorite finger food tossed with hard boiled eggs, hardwood-smoked bacon, tomatoes and cheddar over mixed greens. Served with garlic toast and choice of dressing". The garlic toast was cold and the chicken was just warm, not hot. I was really disappointed especially at the price of $10.49. I can get a better tasting and more filling salad at Chick-fil-A for less. 

This restaurant caters to children offering balloons, crayons and paper, so it can be quite noisy with lots of screaming children. You'll also have the unappetizing view of food all over the floor since the staff and parents don't pick it up as shown above. The interior decor use to be bright and cheerful, now the walls are pained a unappetizing dark grey and they have most of the blinds closed. It's such a shame because we use to enjoy frequenting this restaurant particularly this location. The Cary location always smells like they are burning the burgers, so we stopped going to that location years ago. 

The waiter was overly attentive to the point of being annoying. For instance, asking if everything was ok when all we had were soft drinks and we were waiting for our food. He visited our table too often and lingered. He even asked "how's it going ladies" and then apologized saying that five times prior the customers sitting at our booth were all ladies. He also went on a long speech about how to fill out the survey to rate his performance. He was disrespectful of our time. I also don't like how you have to pay for your order at the table now. I notified the waiter that we would be using my free Happy Birthday Burger Coupon and he failed to wish me a Happy Birthday. This is one franchise we will be taking off our list and will not be returning. While the ratings for this franchise are only three out of five stars, we thought since previously we had decent experiences we would give it a try only to realize how accurate those ratings are. It's such a shame, because Hubby use to love to go there for their burgers. I also loved their Fish & Chips, the Croissant Sandwich and we both loved their chocolate milkshake. Now it seems to keep profits up they are making the portions smaller and increasing the prices. It's now nothing more than a fast food joint without the fast service or the decent prices. At least at fast food restaurants they keep the floor and tables clean.

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  1. Although I see commercials on TV, I've actually never been to a Red Robin restaurant. You're right, that burger is mighty small! Seems the prices are steep for the portions served.

    1. Check out reviews for the locations near you. They use to have fabulous burgers in my area at one location, but now three locations only have three out of five stars and one has only two stars. So disappointing and such a shame. Regional manager should find out what's going on and fix it. They also have discounts, if you get on their email list and get their reward card.


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