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QVC's Mr. Christmas Set of Four Mini Nostalgic Tree Ornaments Review

Nighttime Look

Daytime Look

How I Display Them

This is a review of a set of four mini nostalgic tree ornaments from QVC made by Mr. Christmas. The order number is H211624 and they were offered for $34.78 when I ordered them, the price has increased to $38.28 plus shipping since the lower price was for their Christmas in July celebration. My price per tree after tax and shipping comes to only $10.77, bargain! They aired in July, but I didn't notice them until I searched online and they had sold out and gone on waitlist. I ordered on July 31st and I lucked out going on wait list since the white set shipped on August 12th. I'm also on wait list for the green set. I originally wanted the green set, but I thought I'd improve my odds of getting at least one set if I ordered both colors. I'm actually very impressed with the white set and not unhappy that I didn't get the green set instead. They have more of a decorative look without screaming Christmas and I suspect that the lights reflect better against the white rather than the green. I placed two double A batteries in each tree right away and I turned them to the on position. I'm in love with them! Once it started getting dark, I removed the batteries and put them back in and then set the switch to timer instead of on. They have come on at 8 pm every night since then and they stay on until midnight for a total of four hours. I find them so comforting and beautiful. I will reset the timer when sunset starts earlier in the fall. I have them on our mantle in our living room. I have two on one side and two on the other side with a recent Luminara candle TSV in the middle of each set of two trees. Our mantle has two shelves, so the light from the trees reflect on the shelf above them. They reflect more light, if they are on a shelf rather than a coffee table. They have LED lights, so they do not get warm or hot. They have a red ribbon attached to the star to hang them, but they have a nice flat bottom to sit them on any shelf or table. The ribbon is removable, but I just haven't bothered to remove it. I highly recommend ordering them, the waitlist wasn't very long and Christmas is still 123 away, so you have time. They would also make wonderful gifts individually and the set comes with four adorable little Christmas gift bags to do just that. I can't part with them though, they remind me of my childhood. Back in the 70's women would go to a crafting class and make these by hand. My neighbor's mother made one in green, so these trees remind me of that time in my life. These are a remake of those such Christmas decorations. I'm not waiting until Christmas to enjoy them. They have a lovely glow of colored lights just perfect for the living room while we watch tv in the evening. They would also be perfect on your bedside tables, coffee table or even your dining table. I love them so much, I'm not cancelling my other wait list order since I would use the second set in the bedroom on the end tables or on our dining room table. They would make a cute night light in a child's bedroom. Just set the timer for their bedtime instead of sunset. 

QVC also offers a large version of these trees, but it's a plug in which limits where you can place it. It's item number H211560 and it's also on waitlist. It's 17" tall and it costs $49.96. It would look awesome sitting next to two of the mini trees which are 5 1/4" tall in either white or green. Perhaps they will restock these again prior to Christmas. I know they offered similar trees as a TSV a while ago, but the reviews weren't very good. These seem to be an improved version based on the reviews I've read. One year host David had an entire show devoted to nostalgic Christmas decor. I wish he would do that again. Did you buy anything during QVC's Christmas in July shows? Who else is starting decorating for Christmas early this year? Last couple of years we were relocated and I was homesick, so I wasn't really into decorating, so now that we are back I'm totally into decorating. Do you decorate more when you are happy?

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  1. Nostalgia - I have one of these from the 1960s (passed down from my father's mother)!!! My ceramic tree is green and a bit taller (probably 16-18"). My sister has a cottage w/Santa going down the chimney and Rudolph on the roof. Both of them are plug-ins with the light bulb inside.


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