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Julep Subscription Box - August 2017

Lavish Strokes - Jonna, Florentina, Peyton & Wilma

This is a review of a monthly subscription box from Julep for $19.99 including shipping and handling. Since this month they were offering duochrome nail polishes, I couldn't skip this month's box. One of my favorite types of nail polish is duo chrome. I just love how they appear as different colors when you move your hand or in different light. My box came with three polishes and I added on the 4th polish and used my Maven reward points, so that one was free. I also swapped out the pretty nail decals for some nail polish remover which I needed more. I was tempted to get the decals also, but I'm limiting spending. So the retail value of my box was $66.00, bargain! Included in my August box were the following:
  1. Jonna - It Girl Collection, Iguana Green Duochrome, $14.00 retail value, $11.20 for Mavens
  2. Florentina - Classic with a Twist Collection, Flame Red Duochrome, $14 retail value
  3. Peyton - Wonder Maven Collection, Violet Dahlia Duochrome, $14 retail value
  4. Wilma - Boho Glam Collection, Mojave Sunrise Gold Duochrome, $14 retail value
  5. Clean Slate Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Refill, $10 retail value, $8 for Mavens
  6. 20% off Ulta Coupon for Julep Products
When the nail polishes arrived they appeared richer and darker to me than the preview photos. The above photo was taken in the sunlight. My favorite is Peyton followed by Florentine, then Jonna and finally Wilma. My favorite, Peyton, is a very dark purple that features light purple, fine glitter in the sunlight. It's a glitter that appears underneath, not your typical glitter that sits on top of the polish (see photo below). It goes on light, but with the second coat it looks perfect. Florentina will be so fabulous in the fall. It's a striking fire orange that changes to a dark rich fall red. Unfortunately, the above photo comes off more red than orange. In person, it's more of an orange red. It goes on heavy, but looks perfect after the second coat by using a bit less polish than normal. Jonna appears as a green metallic with movement turns into a gold foil green. This one goes on with medium coverage, the perfect consistency. It does streak, so it must be applied from the top to the bottom of the nail without stopping to reduce streaking. Wilma is a lovely nude perfect for work, a wedding or holiday party. It goes on really light, but with a second coat it's perfect. If you are really picky, perhaps you could apply a third coat, but I didn't find it necessary. It will get streaky if you don't apply it with a non stop stroke from the top to the bottom of the nail. Do a 3rd coat, if you made the mistake of not doing it that way. Movement makes it appear as a pinkish gold that turns into a lilac gold. All of these polishes are 5 free, took two coats and I applied a top coat of Seche Vite, my favorite top coat. The polishes that have the most duochrome appearance are Jonna and Wilma (1st and last in photo below). Stay tuned for my manicures featuring these colors. I'll be starting with Peyton. In the meantime, you can see my swatches which were taken at night in florescent light:

Wilma, Peyton, Florentina & Jonna

I'm impressed by these nail polishes and I can't wait to wear them. Which one is your favorite? Did you purchase this month's box? If you haven't entered the world of Julep, be sure to sign up now since they have the most amazing offer I've seen over the many years I've been a subscriber. They are offering a twelve piece collection for free just for signing up and becoming a member! To skip shipments, go to their website on the 20th and chose skip or customize your box to suit your preferences. They also offer a Secret Store shortly thereafter for those that chose to purchase their box that month. The discounts are wonderful, but they also offer discounted add-ons for each monthly box, so be sure to check those out. Julep will be having a QVC TSV on the 15th of this month and I'm fortunate to have Julep send it to me early for review. I'm expecting it's arrival on Friday, so stay tuned for that review. To view more of my Julep reviews, just search "julep" in the search box over on the right. 

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