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Grand Opening: Tasu Asian Bistro Restaurant Review - Cary, NC

525 New Waverly Place
Suite 103
Cary, NC  27518
(919) 977-4037

Exterior View

Interior View

Bang Bang Shrimp - $9.95

Hot & Sour Soup

Hawaiian Poke Bowl - $12.95

Chirashi-Don Sashimi - $17.95

Fried Ice Cream - $6.95

This is a review for a new restaurant in Cary, North Carolina located in the lovely Waverly Place shopping center called Tasu Asian Bistro. They have several locations in the Triangle, but this one just opened. It's located next to the CinéBistro. Hubby & I visited last Saturday around 2 pm. They had quite a few customers which was surprising since it was after the lunch rush. Their menu has so much to offer that you may want to check it out prior to your arrival if you are in a rush. They offer buy one get one sushi if you purchase a drink. They also offer Pho, salads, Poke Bowls, sashimi, Thai recipes, hibachi, noodle dishes, curry dishes, appetizers, desserts and even burgers. Be sure to read my update below.

I was so excited to see a Poke Bowl on the menu since I haven't found a restaurant in the area that offers them. So I knew I had to order that. It was a matter of deciding which size would be filling enough. I decided on the one with two proteins for $12.95. They also offer one or three proteins. If you aren't really hungry and ordering a appetizer, I'd say go for the smallest one. If you have a lunch appetite order the medium one and if you are really hungry I'd recommend the largest one. It was so scrumptious that just thinking about it is making me want to drive there now and order it! I can't wait to return and enjoy it again! You can chose between a rice or salad base. I chose the salad base with salmon, tuna, ginger dressing and a side of eel sauce for fifty cents. I skipped the seaweed salad since I really don't like it at all. I asked for the ginger dressing on the side, but it came on the salad. I was ok with that because none of the dressing was on top of the fish and they used just the right amount of dressing. I dipped the fish in the eel sauce, yummy! It's one of the best meals I've had in a long time. Prior to that we ordered the Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer and it was very tasty. Hubby said it's not as good or as spicy as Bonefish Grill's version, but for me who hasn't had the other version it was delicious. If it wasn't so pricey, I'd order it a lot. It took about ten minutes for the appetizer to arrive, so I recommend ordering your appetizer with your drink.  Hubby ordered the Chirashi-Don Sashmi which has twelve pieces of sashimi. Wow, look at it's photo above, what an artful presentation! Hubby said it was delicious. His favorites were the red snapper and salmon. He wished it had more pieces than twelve though. There is a larger size, but it's $25.95 for sixteen pieces and at $17.95 that's high enough a price for us especially when also ordering an appetizer. His entree came with salad or soup and he chose the Hot & Sour soup. He said it was in the top five he's had lately, but not the best. I tried a bit and it was tasty. Our entrees arrived seven minutes after the soup arrived. Since my parents were in Cary and already ate, they dropped by for dessert. They ordered the Fried Ice Cream. Hubby and my parents shared it since it was such a large portion. They said it was tasty, the ice cream was very cold and the batter is made with tempura. The waitress was very nice and most of the time attentive, but she did appear to have a newbie approach. I'm sure she will get more confident with time. It was a very enjoyable experience and we will return very soon. I think we've found a new favorite restaurant which gives me joy! I'll have a hard time ordering anything other than the Poke Bowl though since it was absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend it and this restaurant!

UPDATE - On our 3rd visit we had a horrible experience and it was so bad we will never return. Now I experienced first hand what the bad reviewers were talking about. It all started with a very loud obnoxious waitress who took forever to show up and take our drink orders. We knew immediately we didn't like her. Then, we waited a very long time for our meals. Hubby's sushi was bought out by a different waitress and I waited about fifteen additional minutes for mine to show up. I ordered the Poke Bowl which doesn't take that long to prepare since there is no cooking involved. Our waitress came to the table and asked how things were. Duh, my husband is eating and my food is missing! We asked her where my food was and she said she saw it ready and waiting. Ok, so you saw it ready, why didn't you bring it to the table?! So she went looking for it and several minutes later she brought it to the table. When it came out it had a ton of something on it I didn't recognize along with seaweed salad that I asked to be left out. Mind you I ordered this twice prior and it never had that ingredient and it's not listed the menu. I asked what it was and she rambled off something so fast and loud I couldn't understand her. I asked her to repeat and it sounded like she said it was some type of radish that is white. I mentioned that it never came with that before and that I asked for no seaweed. She stated the chef was just being creative. Not cool, if someone is allergic to it or it's something that causes stomach distress! She asked if I wanted her to take it back. I said no. I never send food back. She wouldn't leave the table. I started to remove the radish since I can't eat radish. She grabbed at my bowl and I again said "NO!". She continued to go on and on about "don't you want me to take it back" and I had to argue with her. She put the radish back in the bowl & grabbed the bowl and took it back. Seriously?! Oh wow, as I'm writing this I just realized she contaminated my food by putting that radish back on it. Wow! You argue with the customer and remove their food after they distinctly say no several times? Several minutes later it came back and it was clear they just removed the ingredients I didn't want since there were still a few pieces left and I found some of my sashimi at the bottom of the bowl when it's suppose to be on the top. She later returned asking if it was ok and I said no. She asked if I wanted to speak with the manager and I said no. She continued to return to the table and ask if I wanted to speak with the manager. I said she can rely the problem to the manager, but yet again I do not want to speak with the manager. She returned asking again if I wanted to speak with the manager and I said no and I asked if she relayed the information to the manager. She said she did. The check came to the table and I was shocked there wasn't any discount on our order due to the issues. I told the waitress to relay to the manager that we will not be returning since we didn't receive any compensation for the order being wrong. There was still no change to our bill. We will not be returning and while we were talking about it on the way out some customers on the way in over heard us and asked us which restaurant we were talking about. They went to a different restaurant as a result. So that tiny amount of money I was asking for taken off our bill she paid for immediately as we walked out, not to mention we were repeat customers she lost! Big mistake, big mistake. I am shocked at the attitude and incompetence of the manager who I'm told is the owner also. Wow, her restaurant will not survive treating customers this way. I guess that's why her last one closed and my guess it won't be the last restaurant closing on her watch! It's just a reminder to me to stick to authentic Asian restaurants that are owned by Asians. I refer you to my favorite Asian restaurant in the area, Sushi Thai.

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