Friday, June 9, 2017

Grand Opening: Chipotle Restaurant Review - Fuquay Varina, NC

1385 North Main Street
Suite 120
Fuquay Varina, NC  27526
(919) 567-0206

Exterior View

Interior View

Burrito Bowl - $6.50

This is a review of the brand new Chipotle located in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. It's across from Taco Bell, Bojangles & Walgreens on the corner of Purfoy Road and 401. There use to be a gas station there. Since they are a new restaurant they don't have a sanitation score yet. I have visited this restaurant several times already for carry out. As shown on the Interior View photo above there isn't much seating available inside. There are some additional tables outside as shown in the Exterior View photo above. I'm pretty sure this is the smallest Chipotle I have been to. The last time I visited was on a Tuesday around 1:30 pm. It was quite busy for that time of day and on my previous visits it was the same. Fuquay was definitely in the need for some healthier fast food and the amount of customers supports that.

I love Chipotle, so I was delighted when we moved back to the Triangle, drove up Purfoy Road and while waiting at the traffic light I saw the new Chipotle. I figured Holly Springs would get one before Fuquay would so I was quite shocked to see it. I usually order the bowl with chicken, onions, green peppers, mild salsa, cheese, lots of lettuce and just a dab of sour cream. I skip the rice and beans to lower the fat and calorie count. I also purchase the chips and guacamole as a snack prior or after I eat the entree. So far I've been served less chicken and veggies than the location in Cary. Also, the guacamole isn't made as well and it goes bad quickly. It appears they don't use enough lime to preserve it and not enough red onion, cilantro and jalapeño for flavor. Sadly, I can't save it for a snack later because it turns brown. I've never had that issue from any guacamole I've purchased from the Cary location. Also, the chips are not cooked properly. They aren't crisp enough, some are kind of chewy which I toss out since the texture isn't enjoyable. Occasionally, I'll have a chip or two like that from the Cary location, but they are in the minority rather than the majority I receive from the Fuquay location. I'm guessing they are using too much lime and not cooking them long enough. Since this isn't an isolated incident, I'm not going to purchase the chips & guacamole again until they get it right and I see reviews improving. Currently, the reviews aren't so favorable for this location. Hopefully they will start listening to their customers and make the necessary changes to retain customers. Hubby hasn't been happy with this location's food, so I've been the only one returning. I'm just so desperate for healthier fast food nearby that I return for the bowl. The staff is very friendly and they work quickly to prepare your meal and ring it up. While they tend to have a lot of customers they have enough staff to keep the line short. You have the option of ordering in advance online. I've done that at other locations and it worked well for those restaurants that have a really long line though you can't ask for extra lettuce or indicate that you just want a dab of sour cream or any of your special request like that. Have you eaten at this location? If so, how was your food compared to other locations?

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