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Degustabox Subscription Box Review - April 2017 & $10 Off Coupon

Degustabox April 2017 - Part 1

Degustabox April 2017 - Part 2

This is a review of a monthly food subscription box called Degustabox. It costs $19.99 including shipping and handling, but today you can get it for $10 off, link below. Each box includes ten to fifteen products, but this box included seventeen. My box included Felix Lingonberries which was a replacement item since a product in my last box was leaking and unsealed. The retail value of this month's box is $35.56 plus the two energy shots which I couldn't find pricing information on. The total doesn't include my replacement item. Guessing that they are worth about $1.95 each that makes the total retail value $39.46. That is $19.47 more than what this box costs. The February box was worth more coming in at $53.45 and the December box came in at $46.71.  Included in the April box were the following:
  1. Cafe Bustelo - instant espresso coffee for on the go, $1.29 retail value
  2. Wild Planet - organic free range chicken breast, $4.99 retail value
  3. Better Oats - instant steel cut oats with maple and brown sugar, $3.99 retail value
  4. Nando's - Peri Peri sauce made with African Bird's Eye Chilli, $5.99 retail value
  5. Zenify - drink infused with antioxidants equivalent to 15 cups of green tea, $2.00 retail value
  6. Steady Energy - made with real coffee and cocoa with time released energy, $? retail value
  7. Bush's - garbanzo beans to be used with the Made Easy packet to make hummus, $1.00 retail value
  8. Felix - wild natural lingonberries, $10.99 retail value
  9. Mutti - concentrated tomato paste, $2.99 retail value
  10. Bush's - Hummus Made Easy, $2.29 retail value
  11. Chiridos - 3 bags of air puffed snack chips made with crickets, $1.49 each
  12. Wilton - melt the caramel candy in the package, snip corner and decorate treats, $1.99 retail value
  13. Lovely Candy - chewy caramel candy, $2.49 retail value
  14. PR Bar - gluten free, packed with carbs and vitamins to boost energy, $2.07 retail value
Well I must start off with the Chiridos since they are the most interesting of everything that was sent. It's a snack made with cricket flour, oh my! I saw a company on Shark Tank that was featuring a line of snacks made with crickets, I wonder if this is the same company. I will save those for Hubby to try, I am not daring enough to eat crickets. He'll try anything, so those three bags will be all his. Glad I read the description prior to trying them! They are suppose to have a nutty flavor and they are rich in protein though the bag only say 4 grams. I don't drink coffee, so the instant coffee will be all Hubby's. I also don't eat steel cut oats since I find them so chewy that my jaw starts to hurt. Hubby loves that type of oatmeal, so again those ten pouches are all his. I'll use the can of roasted chicken breast for chicken salad. I think I've seen this brand in Whole Foods and Costco. There is no water added to the can and it's cooked right in the can. Also, the can is BPA free. Hubby loves the Nando's sauces, but I'm not a fan so again all his. The Zenify drink has 50 calories and it is made with sparkling water, stevia and cane sugar. I wonder what flavor it is or if it tastes like water with a bit of sugar. I'll try that after it's chilled. I prefer to drink my seltzer straight up or with a squeeze of lemon or a splash of apple juice. I look forward to mixing the garbanzo peas with the Made Easy package to make hummus. We both love hummus. This one has some sugar in it though, I really prefer to make hummus without sugar and we always use a very high quality virgin olive oil. This one uses regular olive oil. What do you like to dip in your hummus? My favorite is warm pita bread. We will save the lingonberries for the next time Hubby roasts a leg of lamb or we make Swedish meatballs. Not sure when we will use the tomato paste. Perhaps I'll search for an Italian recipe. This one should be very tasty since it's made in Italy. Maybe we will try the Wilton caramel treat drizzled on top of ice cream, yum! I tend to avoid caramels since most are made with corn syrup and I'm always worried about my teeth. This one isn't made with corn syrup but instead brown rice syrup, sweetened condensed milk, butter, cane syrup, molasses and vanilla. It doesn't have the smooth texture I am use to and enjoy. They aren't as sweet either. I think I'll stick to my British Quality Street caramels. The PR Bar is made with soy protein so I'll skip that. Soy turns into estrogen in the body and at my age I have way too much already. Wow this one even has corn syrup, naughty, naughty! Certainly not a health bar. 

Well there you have it, my latest review of Degustabox. Be sure to check out my two previous Degustabox reviews for February & December. Have you tried this box yet? If you haven't, grab the coupon below by clicking on the link. Enjoy!

Bargain Alert:

Degustabox - $10 off, click here. First box for only $9.99! If link doesn't work, enter code "WENDYW-1CB7" at checkout.

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  1. I did not receive the instant coffee, Zenify or energy shot instead I received a box of Skinny Girl peach bellini tea K-cups. I can't wait to try them! I tried the ranch flavored Chiridos and they had a really good flavor. I only had a few of them but will finish the rest of the bag.

    1. Lucky you, wish I had received the Skinny Girl K-cups instead.


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