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Degustabox Subscription Box Review - February 2017 & $10 Off Coupon

Degustabox February 2017 - Part 1

Degustabox February - Part 2

This is a review of a monthly food subscription box called Degustabox. It costs $19.99 which includes tax, shipping and handling. To receive your first box for only $9.99, be sure to use my link below. Each box includes ten to fifteen food products each month for less than their retail price. Thirteen products were included this month and the retail price for this box is $53.45. If you don't count the chili sauce packets, that makes each product only cost $1.66 each which is a bargain! Included in the February box are the following:
  1. Wasa - Thin Flatbread with Sea Salt & Sesame, 6.7 oz, approximate retail value $3.59
  2. Go Organically - Fruit Snacks in Fruit Medley, 6.4 oz, 8 pouches, retail value $8.97
  3. Jones Soda -  Orange & Cream, 12 fl oz, retail value $1.79
  4. Slendier - Calorie Clever Fettuccine, 9.5 oz, 2 pouches, retail value $2.49
  5. Nando's - Peri-Peri Sauce, 4.7 oz, retail value $5.99
  6. PR Bars - Chocolate Peanut, 1.76 oz, retail value $2.07
  7. Ricola - Herbal Immunity Lozenges, 28 count, retail value $13.99
  8. Walkers - Shortbread Rounds, 5.3 oz, retail value $4.49
  9. Pop Chips - Ridges in Salted, .8 oz, retail value $1.59
  10. Pop Chips - Ridges in Tangy BBQ, .8 oz, retail value $1.59
  11. Grace Foods - Coco Chips, 1.41 oz, retail value $2.99
  12. Bandar - Spicy Mango Chili Sauce, .35 oz, 2 packets, $0.41
  13. Green & Black's - Pure Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, 3.17 oz, retail value $3.49
I've been eating Wasa crackers since I was a child. Since they are made in Sweden and my father is mostly Swedish my Mum regularly purchased them. The Thins are a new line of crackers they have recently come out with. They are very tasty, my favorite one is the ones with rosemary. Two slices only have 80 calories. My Mum would serve me the original version lightly buttered as a snack. Today I add cream cheese to them and a tiny bit of English Maldon Sea Salt on top. It's a filling and quick snack that for me helps with stomach issues between meals. That version is high in fiber. I highly recommend you give them a try! They are found in most grocery stores, but I purchase them mostly from Vitacost. I appreciate that they sent healthier snacks this time and the Go Organically Fruit Snacks are one of them. If you are a fan of gummy bears but you want a healthy version, these are for you since they only have 70 calories. Perfect for my Hubby who loves gummy bears. I've seen Jones Soda in stores, but I've never purchased any due to the high calorie count. I will chill this one in the refrigerator and then Hubby and I will share this one to lower the calorie count. This one has a whopping 160 calories. The Slendier Fettuccine is inspired by Japanese Konjac noodles and it's suppose to help you lose weight, it's healthy and it's great for those with food allergies and diabetics. It shall be interesting to try since it only has 10 calories per portion. They are offering a free recipe ebook, link below. Never heard of the brand Nando's, this one is made in South Africa. Hubby is always up to trying a new hot chili sauce, so he'll give that a try soon. Never heard of PR Bars before. You have to be careful when choosing an energy bar, some them claim to be healthy yet have hidden sugars and are high in calories. This one contains soy which I avoid since it turns into estrogen and my body already makes too much of it on it's own. It has 200 calories, 15 grams of protein, 22 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fat. It would be great for someone who wants to bulk up. I received Ricola Lozenges in the December box also. Just reading their brand name takes me right to their tv advertisement in my head. Great advertising! I meant to try some out of the last box, so I'll make a point of trying them soon. Two lozenges have 30 calories. Perhaps they will assist with my allergy cough. Walkers Shortbread, ah, another one from my childhood. Since they are from Scotland and my Mum is from Scotland you bet I was served these as a child and grew up and bought them for myself and as gifts. They are awesome and if you have never tried them I highly recommend you get your hands on some very, very soon! They will be your new favorite cookie! They are very rich, so just two with your coffee or tea will be enough. They don't make you into a little piggy like most cookies which are very difficult to not eat more than two. They often offer them in decorative tins during the holidays, so they make for the perfect gifts. Look out for the Westie & Scottie Dog tins next Christmas, so cute! Pop Chips I've heard some people are addicted to them. I've never tried them before. They have only 100 calories per bag and they are suppose to be healthier since they are not deep fried. I have to avoid fried foods due to IBS. I just tasted them and they are pretty good. I'm not craving more after finishing the bag which is nice. That's not the case with fried potato chips! The Coco Chips brochure suggests using them in yogurt and ice cream. I also recommend adding them to smoothies or on top of your smoothie bowl, yum! It adds a bit of sweetness without adding sugar and a bit of texture if you sprinkle it on top. The Spicy Mango Chili Sauce suggests trying it on pizza or French fries. It's made in India. Sounds very unusual, Hubby will try it and if he approves, I'll give it a try. If you must have chocolate, I recommend going healthier and choosing dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. This one has 70% cacao and two rows have 210 calories. For me I could easily get away with eating just one row and that would drop the calories down to 105. I like to keep my chocolate in the refrigerator prior to eating, I think it tastes better. You will find that you will only need a couple of squares of this type of chocolate to fulfill your chocolate craving since it's so rich. You could also shave some of it over your ice cream.

I only received the February box because I didn't realize that when you pause your account it's only for one month, so beware. I'm so much happier with this box than the last one I received in December. The December box had so many products containing sugar which I try to avoid. I'm excited to see healthier products in this box and I hope they continue to do so.

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  1. Great review! I love The Chocolate bar, The Wasa, Jones Soda and I wanted that Peri Peri Sauce. The Ricola's, cookies, gummy snacks and the coco chips are just ok. The rest not too happy about and will pause my account. I am set to get my box in the next few days or so.

    1. Thanks, Kim! Yeah, the Jones Soda tastes just like an orange creamsicle! Remember you have to pause each month, I learned the hard way.


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