Monday, October 10, 2016

QVC's Lisa Robertson's Jewelry Line Review - Perfume Bracelet

Italian Perfume Bracelet

If you aren't aware that ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson now has her own line of products that she sells on her website, now you do! She hosts a live show selling her products on her Facebook page weekly. Currently, she's selling jewelry, but soon she will offer Christmas decor. If you aren't a member of Facebook, you can see some of her videos on her YouTube channel. If you are also not a member of YouTube, then you are out of luck. Nah, just kidding, you can check out her website and shop there. Well if you are like me, Lisa has sold you quite a number of products over the years and you've heard one of her favorite phrases "it's just a dollar a day" way more times than you wish to count. If only I had a dollar for each time she said that phrase, I'd be very well off right now. 

I've watched some of her live shows on Facebook and well she did it again, she sold me the Italian Perfume Bracelet shown above. I thought it would make a nice birthday gift to myself. I really like the uniqueness of the bracelet being able to hold perfume and refresh your perfume while on the go. It was shipped three days after I ordered it and it arrived five days after that for a total of eight days. Unfortunately, I do not like the quality and I immediately returned it. She has a 30 day money back guarantee. The plastic looks cheap to me. Perhaps if it was half price I'd keep it, but at $49.50 it's just not worth it. I thought that the gold part would be metal since it is from Italy and that's what the description says, but it's plastic too. When you open it up and look at the other side of the gold piece it's clearly plastic. I really don't think the gold on the plastic would hold up well over time. It's also too small even on my narrow wrist. In my opinion, it's not for an average sized wrist like she indicated. It's hard to get on and off. In the video she shows that when you flip up the gold part, it expands a bit so that you can get it on your wrist more comfortably. The one I received didn't expand at all. While I could get it on and off my wrist, it was very uncomfortable to do so. Also, it felt too tight and it wouldn't move up and down my arm. Since I have a narrow wrist I'm use to bracelets being able to move up and down my arm considerably. This one was as tight as a watch would be. It also didn't have a "Made in Italy" stamp on it anywhere. Plus, you can see the plastic mold's lines on the inside, those should have been shaved down. That made it feel very cheap and I fear that the plastic would scratch very easily. It comes in an very large matte black box with her initials on it as shown above. It also came with two plastic bottles to hold the perfume, arm to transfer perfume, adaptors and instructions. I didn't attempt to add any perfume to it since I didn't want any issues with getting my money back. I returned it on 6th and it arrived at it's destination on October 8th only to be forwarded to a different address and it's yet to arrive there. I just noticed the address on the return form is different from the address on her website?! That's upsetting! I just sent customer service an email and I'll update this post when I find out what is going on with my return. Just received an email confirmation and they only work Monday-Thursday. I already received an email response and I'm told it forwards to their new warehouse and they should have it tomorrow or Wednesday and that they will credit my account immediately. We shall see, I'll update soon.

If you aren't in the mood to shop, she also has other fun videos to watch. I recommend the ones from her trip to my favorite place in the world, Venice and MilanShare this blog post with friends by clicking on the Google red box (G+1) at the very top of this page or via Twitter and Facebook by clicking the boxes:

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