Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ritz-Carlton Room Service Review - Cancún, Mexico

Room Service - Breakfast

Tropical Sliced Fruit Plate - 190 Pesos (Approx. $10.12 US Dollars)

American - 355 Pesos (Approx. $18.91 US Dollars)

This is a review of room service provided by the Ritz-Carlton Hotel located in Cancún, Mexico. It's available from 6:00 am to 11:30 am. We purchased the above meals on a Friday morning around 10 am in late August. The wait time was about twenty-five minutes. Breakfast is also available at one of their restaurants called El Café Mexicano. The prices are the same except there is a trip charge and a 15% tip added to room service orders. Their restaurant also offers a buffet which has some of the same offerings. Hubby insisted on ordering breakfast from room service our first morning in Cancún.

Hubby ordered the American meal which costs 355 Mexican pesos which is around $19 American dollars depending on the current exchange rate. It includes two eggs of your choice, bacon or sausage, white or whole wheat toast, butter and jam. Hubby ordered eggs over easy, bacon, whole wheat toast, orange juice and coffee. I ordered the fruit plate, croissant and orange juice. The eggs also come with half of a tomato with herbs on top, potato gratin and asparagus. The condiments included were two mini sized Heinz ketchup bottles, three mini jars of french Bonne Maman jams, salt and pepper. They even included our favorite no calorie sweetener, Stevia, which we rarely find is served at restaurants. Also, on the table was a lovely red daisy. The waiter dropped some of the bacon on the floor while serving so he returned shortly thereafter with much more bacon to make up for it. Hubby was very happy to have extra bacon which he shared with me since there was so much of it.  Hubby enjoyed everything he ordered and drank too much coffee since the pot was enough for two and I don't drink coffee. The whole wheat toast was very hearty, so it was especially filling. I couldn't believe the size of the fruit plate I ordered, it was large enough to share with Hubby. All of the fruit was very ripe and scrumptious! It featured slices of orange, kiwi, papaya, two types of melon, papaya, watermelon and dragonfruit. In addition, it included blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The kiwi was my favorite, I haven't had kiwi that delicious before. I didn't care for the croissant since it was small and it wasn't very buttery, nor crispy on the outside, nor fluffy inside. Overall, it was a very delicious and filling breakfast which kept us full for longer than your typical breakfast does. It was a very leisurely way to start the day. We called down after we were done to have the table picked up. It only took about five minutes for him to show up and take it away. 

I highly recommend their room service since the servings were so generous, the service was extremely friendly and attentive and the food was delicious and filling. While it was expensive, the prices were the same at the restaurant downstairs. To pay for a taxi and go to a restaurant off site would have landed up being about the same or more. There is the option of taking the bus, but there is no air conditioning and it is "caliente" and humid there year round. Walking to a restaurant is also an option, but it's so hot and humid and it's very difficult to cross the four lanes of traffic to get to the other side of the street. Have you ever ordered room service from a hotel and what was your experience like?

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