Thursday, July 28, 2016

Firebirds Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

1215 Creekshire Way
Winston Salem, NC  27103
(336) 659-3973

Exterior View

Interior View (click on photos to enlarge)

Wicked Burger - $11.25

Smokehouse Burger - $11.80

This is a review of a restaurant located in Winston Salem, North Carolina called Firebirds Wood Fired Grill. They are located not far from the Costco off Hanes Mill Boulevard. We visited on a late Friday afternoon before the dinner rush. They are open from 11 am until 10 pm everyday but Friday and Saturday when they stay open an hour later. Their sanitation grade is currently 95%. We were seated right away at a booth and there were only a few customers.

Normally when you visit a restaurant that serves steak you'll smell lots of wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, we did not. So while I was craving a steak I was turned off by that and we decided to order burgers instead. While we were eating our burgers, I noticed that another table received a loaf of bread prior to their meal yet we were never often bread. I called to confirm that they normally offer a loaf of bread at lunch and dinner. That was really disappointing since we were hungry and that would have been a nice treat while we were waiting for our burgers to be cooked. Our drink orders were promptly taken and our drinks were brought out shortly thereafter. I ordered the Wicked Burger and Hubby ordered the Smokehouse Burger. It took fourteen minutes for our food to be delivered to the table. The Wicked Burger is described as "griddled, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, secret sauce, brioche bun" and it costs $11.25. The secret sauce tasted similar to McDonald's sauce on their Big Mac. The burger was just average, frankly, my husband cooks a much tastier burger. It was also an average sized burger. I really expected a larger burger due to the prices and the upscale atmosphere. Red Robin's burgers are of a much better quality, much larger and so much tastier. The french fries were also average, certainly not crave worthy. The Smokehouse Burger is described as "Java BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato" and it costs $11.80. Again, this burger was just average in taste, quality and size. It's not something Hubby would order again. The onion rings were the only hit of the meal. They were really scrumptious and crave worthy for sure. The sides offered are steak fries, tater tots, fresh fruit or cider slaw. A side salad is $4.99 extra. Hubby asked if he could have the onion rings that were listed in the appetizers instead. I thought it was strange that they weren't offered as a side. They are described as "panko breaded onions, roasted garlic, ranch dressing". They were perfectly crisp and not greasy. The dipping sauce was really good too. They cost $8.95 as an appetizer which seems quite pricey for what it is. They weren't generous with the sides either. It was a disappointing meal, while better than fast food, certainly not something we are anxious to purchase again. The server was prompt but not very friendly and I was really annoyed we didn't get the loaf of bread that we were suppose to be served. Why would he not offer it? So strange! If you want a really good burger, I recommend Red Robin. What burger restaurant is your favorite?

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