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Birchbox Subscription Box - November 2015

November's Birchbox

This is a review of a cosmetics subscription box called Birchbox that costs only $10 a month including shipping and handling. This month the approximate retail value of my box is $24.74. They are currently running a promotion in which you can get your first box for only $5. One of the choices for November was a box of products chosen by a beauty YouTube vlogger that I never heard of named Tati Westbrook. Have you heard of her? She just came out with her own makeup line so it's being featured in this month's boxes. I didn't like the items she chose, so I chose one of the two lipsticks that she created and the rest of the samples were chosen by Birchbox. Included in my box were:
  1. LOC - Vibrant Matte Lipstick called Glam Life, .6 g, 1/3 normal size $6 retail value
  2. Harvey Prince - Sincerely perfume, 1.5 ml, $1.71 value
  3. The Balm Cosmetics - blush named FratBoy, approximately 1/4 normal size, $5.25 value
  4. Temple Spa - La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath & Shower Gel, $3.02 value
  5. Obliphica Professional - Seaberry Serum for fine to medium hair, 15 ml, $8.76 value
I really like the LOC lipstick since it's matte yet not drying like most matte lipsticks. It's a very dark purple color though which tends to make my narrow lips look even smaller than they are. That's why I tend to wear lip glosses in pink and coral colors the most. I wish it had been wider like the Clinique lipstick sample I received last month. It made it more difficult to apply being so narrow. While I like it, I would not purchase due to the price of $18! I've never even heard of this YouTuber and I subscribe to a lot of beauty channels. I imagine if you are a fan you might be tempted to purchase something from her line, but I don't understand why she went with such expensive prices. I'm sure some of her fans couldn't even afford it even if they wanted to purchase it! I'd purchase it if she had more colors to chose from and a much lower price point. Did anyone try her eyeshadow and what do you think of it?

I never like the scent of any of the Harvey Prince perfumes and I really wish they would stop sending them to me. I receive them several times a year and this is the worst brand they send to me. I've never purchased it and never will, so why do they keep sending samples to me? It always smells like a cheap perfume and doesn't smell much like it's described. It's also I brand I never see in stores. I wish they would only send well known brands that can be bought at Sephora, Ulta or QVC.

I'm excited about The Balm blush since it's a brand I like. I always enjoy receiving samples from this brand and their packaging is very creative and enjoyable. I wish their brand was available in more stores, though I think they have started to show up in more shops this year. They can also be found in vending machines in US airports. The cute, adorable packaging alone temps me to purchase items from this brand! I wish more brands would get more creative with their packaging. It's a pretty pink color, but it's almost exactly the same color of my natural blush.

I've never heard of the companies the other two samples are from. I really prefer when they send prestige lines from companies I recognize like the Estée Lauder and Clinique products they sent last month. The hair serum smelled awful and it's too greasy for my fine hair. Wow, it costs $38 for the full size, crazy! I find the smell of the Temple Spa Shower Gel to be a very refreshing peppermint scent, but at the price point of $18, it's not worth it. There are better brands for lower prices with a stronger and more enjoyable scent. 

Overall this month's box was enjoyable, but last month's was my favorite box. My favorite items in this box are the lipstick and the blush. It's always fun to try out new lipsticks in colors that I would normally shy away from but aren't too crazy.

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