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The Porch Kitchen & Cantina Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

840 Mill Works St
Winston Salem, NC  27101
(336) 893-8361

View from Table

Chips & Salsa - $4


Tostadas Teddy - $11

This is a review of a restaurant called The Porch Kitchen & Cantina located in downtown Winston Salem, North Carolina. We visited on a Saturday at 4:30 pm. We tried to arrive prior to the dinner rush and succeeded. It is a hard to find restaurant, so we used the instructions they had on their website to help us find it since our GPS was having difficultly. Then it was difficult to fiqure out which door to enter through. It looks like it was a warehouse that they turned into shops, this restaurant and a bar. 

The young lady standing at the cash register took us to our table and gave us two menus. The young guy that was our waiter came out and sat on the table next to ours which really turned me off, so unsanitary! He wasn't very friendly on top of that. He asked what we wanted to order and we decided to start with salsa & chips, water for Hubby and a margarita for me. I don't like having to pay extra for chips & salsa! $4 seems crazy to me since the majority of restaurants serve them for free. My margarita arrived in three minutes. It was very delicious, but very small. The chips were good, but the salsa hardly had any spices in it. They had a shelving unit on the side that had many condiments and we proceeded to add several of them to it to try and spice it up some. Seventeen minutes later our entrees arrived, we both ordered the Tostadas Teddy dish. It says on the menu that it is "two crispy flat tortillas topped with beans, smoked chipotle chicken or avocado, black beans & corn salsa, veggies, lettuce & feta cheese". With avocado and chicken it's $11 and without avocado it's $10. Wow, it looks really delicious though it kind of looks like they just threw all the ingredients on the plate. We did not enjoy the mix of flavors at all. The feta cheese for one was just odd with the other ingredients. The tortillas didn't stay crispy since they were overloaded with ingredients, so much so that you can barely see them on the plate. The amount of sour cream and guacamole was ridiculous, it was such a tiny amount. It was about the size of a mini ice cream scoop! It had way too much corn and black beans and the jalapeño wasn't fresh. The waiter went missing for quite some time after we were served, he never returned to check on us. He was apparently over on the other side putting knives and forks into napkins. So we had to ask another waiter for our check. From what we could see the other waiter was quite good and attentive to his customers, so we had wished we had him as a waiter. While the interior decor was festive and the alcoholic drink was really good, the rest leaves a lot to be desired. It was really disappointing to say the least especially since we had high hopes for it since the menu looked so appetizing. I also got the vibe it was for a younger group of customers, perhaps college age. We shall not return.

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