Monday, December 30, 2013

BarkBox - December 2013

Leo & Harvey Checking Out Their BarkBox

This is a monthly subscription box for dogs called BarkBox.  It's my four dogs' favorite subscription and they get quite excited when it arrives on our front porch!  Included in the December box were the following goodies:
  1. Planet Dog - Chicken & Pumpkin Pot Pie Flavor Dog Treats
  2. Bistro Bites - Peanut Butter & Applesauce Dog Cookies
  3. Go Dog - Yeti Toy
  4. Barkworthies - Junior Bully Stick
  5. Simply Fido - Organic Toy
Harvey was the first to chose something out of the box.  He chose the Simply Fido Toy.  Teddy who was on the floor due to his stealing tendencies still managed to grab it from him.  So off Teddy went with that toy.  Leo chose the bully stick as his first choice.  Later they all enjoyed chewing on it.  It's a stinky brand though.  I buy bully sticks from Doggyloot on auto delivery and thankfully they do not stink.  So we had to smell that nastiness while Leo, Teddy & Harvey chewed on it for the next couple of days. Issy didn't want to chew on it. They are really good for keeping their teeth clean.  The vet was impressed during their last visit. After I took the labels off, Teddy chose the Yeti Toy as his favorite.  He played fetch, enjoyed making it squeak and nuzzled it with little love bites.  My dogs always prefer the furry type of dog toys.  They rejected the dog cookies for the most part.  They snubbed their nose at them and let them sit for hours.  Finally, they decide to eat them when there aren't any carrots left on their snack plate.  My dogs get homemade dog cookies everyday, so they are quite picky about cookies.  I have many healthy dog cookie recipes on this blog, take a moment to check them out.  Visit my Pinterest Dog Cookie Recipes Board to see them all at once.  Click on the photo of the one that interests you the most and it will take you to the recipe.  What are your dog's favorite toys and treats?

Check out what they received in their previous BarkBoxes:

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