Monday, March 25, 2013

BarkBox - February 2013

February's Barkbox

This is a monthly subscription box from BarkBox for dogs for $24.95 a month.  The price has gone up recently, so for new subscribers it's $29 monthly or $23 if you sign up for three months (18% savings) or $18 a month for six month subscriptions (37% savings).  Shipping is free and they have boxes for three sizes of dogs (under 20 lbs, 20-50 lbs or 50+ lbs).  This is the ninth box my dogs have received.  The following was included in February's box:
  1. Aussie Naturals - knotty bear
  2. Pet Qwerks - fabric newspaper that makes a crinkle noise
  3. Get Naked - dental chews
  4. Wet Noses - Carob & Mint cookies
  5. Wet Noses - Dogranola cookies
There was also a coupon for  Isabella enjoyed chewing on the knotty ropes of the bear and Teddy enjoyed fetching it.  Leo enjoyed the crinkle noise made by the newspaper.  All four of our dogs  (2 Maltese & 2 Shih-Tzu) enjoyed the dental chews which surprised me because they are very picky about treats.  They also enjoyed the Wet Noses treats after they realized I wasn't going to hand out any more of my handmade chicken & green bean dog cookies (recipe here).  This was a very good box and my dogs were happy with everything included.  The ingredients in the treats were acceptable and the toys suitable for small dogs.

So there you have it, my dogs' review of the latest BarkBox.  If you would like to send your dog a box of fun toys and tasty treats, click here for $5 off your dog's first box.

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