Saturday, December 8, 2012

Doggyloot - Bully Sticks Auto Delivery

Monthly Shipment of Bully Sticks

Leo checking out the package of 10 Bully Sticks.  Leo says, "Oh how they smell so good!"  

Harvey in the background chewing a bully stick and Leo in the front chewing on one

I use to give my dogs rawhides with chicken basting on them until I discovered bully sticks.  Bully sticks are less likely to get stuck in your dogs throat and are more enjoyable for your dogs.  Remember to always supervise your dog chewing on any product!  My Maltese dogs like to chew, but my Shih Tzu dogs are a bit lazy and harder to please when it comes to chew toys.  Three out of my four dogs love to chew on bully sticks.   They chew on them everyday and when I need them to be occupied such as when I want to watch a movie uninterrupted, I hand them a brand new one and they are busy while we watch our movie.  Bully sticks tend to be much more expensive than rawhides and cost about $4 each.  When I found them for $18 for 10 sticks including shipping, I hit the jackpot!  I have been on auto delivery for these for several months now and my dogs and my budget are very happy.  You should check out today!  They offer discounted dog products that change daily. The bully sticks show up usually about once a month, when you find them be sure to sign up for auto delivery. You have the choice of how often you would like them shipped.  Since I have four dogs, I have them shipped monthly, but if you have less dogs you can chose a less frequent shipment.  For $5 off your first order, click here.  What do your dogs love to chew on the most?   Please comment below your product suggestions.

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