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BarkBox - November 2012

November BarkBox Shipment

Leo checking out the BarkBox  

Sniff Check by Harvey & Leo (their Christmas outfits from

Leo checking out the Moose Rac Chew Toy

Happy smiling Teddy who is so very excited by the toy (he's loves playing tug of war)

This is a monthly box subscription from BarkBox for small dogs. They have a slightly different box for larger dogs also. This is our 6th shipment and my dogs really look forward to receiving these.  Now every box that arrives on our front porch they think is for them!  They know the routine when the box arrives:  sniff test and then they get to pick what they want to try out first after Mommy removes the labels.  This is what arrived in the November box:
  1. Bionic - orange silicone toy to stuff treats inside or chew on
  2. Fruitables - organic treats
  3. Acadia Antlers - rope antler chew to chew or tug
  4. Mr. Barksmiths - frozen smoothie treat 
  5. Barkworthies - bully stick to chew on
  6. Barkbox App - free shipping on purchases
  7. Mr. Chewy - $10 gift card
  8. Rover - $10 off a dog sitter
  9. DogTV - one month free, tv for your dog
The favorite item in this box was the bully stick.  We get a pack of 10 bully sticks every month from Doggyloot. Read about that bargain, here.  I highly recommend bully sticks for your dog to chew on, great for their teeth. Even lazy chewers will find them interesting. The second favorite was the rope antler chew and was interesting to Teddy & Leo, but was chosen to chew on by Isabella.  She's extremely hard to please and rarely chews on anything, so it was nice to find something that she enjoyed.  The frozen smoothie was rejected by all.  I forgot to place a goodie in the orange toy, I will try that out tomorrow.  It's a bit large for my dogs, better suited for medium or large dogs.  The dog treats weren't popular, only Issy, one of our four dogs gobbled them up.  My dogs are extremely picky about dog cookies since they get handmade cookies made by me everyday, recipes on this blog.  Less picky dogs who aren't use to fresher treats would probably like them.  I haven't tried items 6-9 yet since this is the busy time of year and my to do list is very long.  I shall give them a try soon.

To see what my dogs received in their box previous months, click on the links below:

If you would like to bring joy to your doggie, subscribe today and receive $5 off your first box, click here.  To see the joy, excitement and smiles this box gives them monthly is priceless!  I just checked and the cost went up, use to be $25 a month.  It now costs $29 per month, or $22 if you sign up for 3 months, or $17.50 if you sign up for 6 months which includes shipping. So be sure to sign up soon to lock in your price. 

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