Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sweet Romeo's Crunchy Carrot Cookies - Dog Cookie Recipe

Sweet Romeo's Crunchy Carrot Cookies


2 1/2 Cups Oat Flour
1/2  Cup Quaker Oats
1  Egg
3 Tablespoons Chicken Broth
1 Tablespoon Molasses
1 Cup Carrots (cooked then shredded)
1 Cup of Sweet Potatoes (baked)
1/4 Cup Parsley
1 Applesauce cup (4 oz, unsweetened)


Preheat oven at 350° F.  

Whisk egg in large bowl until it looks like this:

Add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl:

Stir with a fork until it's throughly mixed and looks like this:

Place some parchment paper down on counter.  Sprinkle with oat flour.  Get your rolling pin out and dust with oat flour also.  Place cookie dough on parchment paper and roll out until it is about 1/4 of an inch in thickness.  Use your cookie cutter to make shapes in the dough like this:

Place cutout dough on a silpat lined cookie sheet like so:

Roll out the rest of the dough and continue using cookie cutters till all the dough is cutout and place on cookie sheet:

Place cookie sheets in oven for 35 minutes.  You way want to flip them over after 18 minutes, if you made them too thin. If they are getting too dark and look like they are cooking too fast, go ahead and flip them.  If you don't make them thin enough you'll need to cook them longer, up to 50 minutes total cooking time.  When the cookies are cooked enough they will be crispy.  At that point, turn off the oven and leave in oven for two hours with the oven door closed.  After two hours, remove cookies from oven and let cool on the cookie sheets.  When cookies are cool, give out samples to your wuffies:

Store the rest of the cookies in an airtight container.   Makes approximately 34 cookies.  Taste tested & approved by Leo, Teddy, Issy & Harvey on August 16th 2012.

Thanks for reading about my latest dog cookie creation.  There are several dog cookie recipes on this blog and more to come.  Here are the links:

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Make these tasty & healthy treats for your dog today, they will thank you with lots of hugs and kisses!  If you try this recipe or have questions,  please drop me a comment below.   Thanks for reading and Have a PEACEful Day!

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