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Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag - April & May 2015

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag - May

Swatches of Juicy Orange Pop, Neon Yoshimi, Laguna Grande

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag - April

Swatches of Delphine, Thistle Tresses, Eidolon, Thistle Tresses over Eidolon, Thistle Tresses over Delphine

This is a subscription box from Rainbow Honey which is a company that makes mostly nail polish. It's monthly subscription box is called "Mystery Bag" and costs $12.95 including shipping. It's a really good deal for all these little goodies! If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive subscription box to try, give this one a try. They bill you on the 29th of the month, ship on the 8th and it arrives in about seven days. They also have a larger version which has the full size nail polishes for $25. My only warning is that canceling is tricky since the link in the email apparently doesn't work, so email her instead. I just noticed I'm going to receive another shipment after I used the link in the email to cancel which is pretty annoying. While I really like the bags of goodies, I can't use them fast enough and so I wanted to take a break and try some other subscription boxes that I have yet to try.

Included in May's Mystery Bag were the following:
  1. Mojito Clásico Perfume Rollerball
  2. Twisted Ice Tea Cooling Gel
  3. Pina Coco-Colada Scented Cuticle Balm
  4. Laguna Grande Nail Polish - mini size
  5. Juicy Orange Pop Nail Polish - mini size
  6. Neon Yoshimi Nail Polish - mini size
Included in April's Mystery Bag were the following:
  1. Melon Fizz Sugar Lip Scrub
  2. Cuticle Oil
  3. Thistle Tresses Nail Polish - mini size
  4. Eidolon Nail Polish - mini size
  5. Delphine Nail Polish - mini size
  6. Melon Fizz Lip Balm
I have worn Thistle Tresses which is a very sheer purple polish with fine glitter. I wore it on my toes and it wore pretty well, I just didn't like how sheer it was even with three coats and didn't have the time to figure out what polish I could put under it to be sure I couldn't see my nails underneath. Next I tried Laguna Grande which is a bluish teal color with fine gold glitter in it. I will be posting a blog post showing my manicure with that nail polish soon. After that, I tried Juicy Orange Pop and it was really thick so I had to thin it down a bit. I'll also talk more about that polish in another blog post soon. The Mojito Perfume Rollerball smelled really good, but it doesn't have lasting power. The Ice Tea Cooling Gel I tried on my tired, hot, sore feet and it felt really good but it made my feet itch a bit later. Hubby got a sunburn and this really helped him. I was glad I had it on hand that day since the burn was bothering him late at night. That was my favorite scent of all the scented products I've tried so far. The Pina Coco-Colada Cuticle Balm smells really good, it's a bit thicker than I care for. I prefer a thick cream that turns to liquid when applied, so I wasn't crazy about the Cuticle Oil either. My favorite is from Fortune Cookie Soap and is called cuticle butter. I'm not a fan of lip scrubs except in the winter when I need them. Eos is my favorite lip balm, so I'm not changing brands on that product. 

When I wanted to subscribe three months ago, the website was down and I had to wait. The website is currently down until next weekend, so you'll be in the same boat I was months ago if you want to subscribe now. Unfortunately, I won't be able to link you to the subscription page to assist you. When it's back up type in "Mystery Bag" and you should be able to find it that way. Past mystery bags are also for sale on her site. If you don't want the contents to be a surprise or you like the past month's bag and want to purchase only that one that is a nice option. It's also great if you are worried you won't receive nail polish colors you like.

Take a moment to browse around and check out my manicures, nail art, nail polish hauls and other subscription boxes before you leave. Which of the nails polishes above is your favorite?

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