Friday, March 22, 2013

Nail Art Society - February & March 2013

February & March's Nail Art Society Shipments

February's Shipment - nail file for faux nails, lace piece, chain, dotting tool, red Finger Paints nail polish

March's Shipment - 3D nail art (flowers, beads, watermelons) and nail stickers

This is a monthly subscription service from a company called Nail Art Society.  The original price for this subscription was $10 and after two months they increased the price to $20.  Those who subscribed within the first two months are charged the lower price for the life of their subscription.  The first month included a LVX polish and feathers for nail art.  So I decided to subscribe since I liked the first package.  The first month's shipment was a good deal, it was a higher priced nail polish than what I received in the December, January, February & March.  I kept hoping that they would ship another high quality polish, but the next couple of shipments continued to go downhill.  When I received the March shipment and it included nail stickers that have very bad reviews, I decided to cancel.  The low quality nail stickers were the deal breaker.  I was not using the products I received except for December's shipment and the polish stained my nails. The products I received were either ones I saw on clearance at local stores or products that just weren't my taste.  Perhaps they could come up with a customized offer for their subscribers.  While one person may love wearing chains on their nails another person may find that tacky or just not their style.  I'm sad to say goodbye to Nail Art Society.  I was so excited and it seemed so perfect for me since I love nail art.  What monthly nail or beauty subscriptions do you subscribe to?

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