Thursday, July 12, 2012

An New World Cuisine Restaurant - Cary, NC


2800 Renaissance Park Place
Cary, NC  27513

Phone: 919-677-9229

Ginger Salad

Egg Drop Soup with Noodles

Pad Thai

Tempura Basket  

Bento Box

Wonderful Interior Decor

Sushi Bar

View of reception area from booth

First off, please forgive the blurry low quality cellphone photos, I should have brought  my camera.  I just had to blog even though I'm a perfectionist and the low quality photos bother me.  I plan to return and will blog again asap. This is my new favorite restaurant in my area!  Though it is a long drive for us, about fifty minutes and the address is Cary, but it's so close to Morrisville.  An, please open for lunch on Saturdays, please, please, please! The lunch hours being limited to weekdays means we will only show up when hubby is on vacation, bummer.  We just don't eat out for dinner that far away from home very often. The salad presentation was unlike anything I've ever seen, incredible!  Hubby ordered the "Shrimp & Crab Pad Thai" and loved it. While it's wonderful, it's a close 2nd behind his favorite from Sushi Thai in Cary.  My "Tempura Basket" was to die for, even though I prefer panko tempura, how crazy is that!  I'm in love with the wasabi dip. I usually make my own dip with wasabi & soy sauce mixed together, so it was so great I didn't have to make it myself and this was so much better!  The tempura comes with three dips: wasabi, typical tempura dip and mustard.  The shrimp and flounder dipped in the wasabi dip, yum!  I need it now, I'm addicted, and the shrimp was huge!  I will be back as soon as possible for more! The atmosphere really put me in a really good mood.  It felt like a restaurant in a very high end hotel, which was perfect since hubby was on vacation.  The rest room is the best I've been to in this area, with a candle burning, only ones better are those in Las Vegas.  Incredible restaurant, can't believe no one told me about it before. Keeping their favorite restaurant a secret I guess.  Not I, I scream it at the top my lungs, eat at An, it's fabulous! Run, don't walk to this restaurant to enjoy the flavor sensations and the atmosphere no other restaurant can beat in our RDU area!  Bravo, An!

Update:  We visited again in June & September 2013 for lunch.  I updated some of the photos above with better quality images.  In June, Hubby had the Sea Bass Kabob which was a really small portion which he loved.  He just wished it was a larger portion.  I had the Tempura Basket and it was delicious as usual.  In September, we returned and Hubby had the Egg Drop Soup and I had the Ginger Salad to start.   Later, John had the Bento Box and I had the Tempura Basket for the third time.  As usual, the food was so incredibly delicious!  Hubby gave me a sample of his salmon and it was so tender.  It was more tender than any salmon I had before and the lemon butter sauce was so yummy.  My Tempura Basket included more jumbo shrimp than before and less Red Snapper and vegetables.  As always it was seasoned just right with salt and the dipping sauces were so delicious. I think the dipping sauces were different this time.  They were wasabi remoulade, nuoc mam cham and yuzu aioli. Service again was exceptional.  My Tempura Basket was $15 and I believe the Bento Box which was one of the specials was also $15.  Be sure to ask about the specials!  I highly recommend you visit this restaurant as soon as you can!

If you have been to An, please leave a comment below!  I'd love to hear about your dining experience.  What's your favorite restaurant in the Triangle?

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