Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Mason Jar Tavern - Fuquay Varina, NC

305 South Main Street
Fuquay Varina, NC  27526
(919) 762-5555

Exterior View

Interior Decor

Turkey Delicious Melt - $9.50

Make Your Own Burger - $10.00 + .50 Each Topping

This is a review of a restaurant called The Mason Jar located in downtown Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. They also have a location in Holly Springs. Free parking is available on the right side of the building, the city parking lot and on the street. They open every day at 11 am and close at 11 pm except Thursday through Saturday night when they close an hour later at midnight. Their health score is currently 96 which is pretty good. We visited on a Monday around 1 pm. We were immediately greeted by one employee and escorted to a booth by another employee. The dining section of the restaurant was packed and it was so loud you couldn't hear the music. The bar only had a couple of people.

It took what felt like forever for the waitress to show up and take our drink order, it took even longer for the drinks to show up. Shockingly, much later she returned to our table without the drinks and took our entree orders. Then someone else finally showed up with our drinks about ten minutes later. The not so friendly waitress did very little, she was no where to be found most of the time. We had to hunt her down to ask for a refill and she sent someone else to do it. Other employees delivered the drinks, delivered the food and delivered the refills. We had to hunt her down again to get our check and instead of doing so, she went off and tended to another customer and spilled his drink on the table! It took her a long time to come back and clean up the spill and then finally she delivered our check. It looked like the other wait staff was much more attentive since they were constantly passing our table.

On to the food, it took them thirty-five minutes to bring our food to the table! When we arrived I thought it was really busy for that time of day, but I realized it was because service was so slow no one was leaving! Everyone around us was receiving the same slow service. I ordered the Turkey Delicious Melt. It's described as "smoked turkey, golden delicious apples, white cheddar and honey mayo on sourdough". When it arrived I opened it to see what was inside and took a picture. Look at this shocking photo below which shows how little turkey, cheese and apple is on this sandwich and look how greasy the fries are:

They made the excuse that they are hand cut fries, but clearly they need to change the oil, it's been used too many times. Hand cut fries aren't normally dark brown! They look really disgusting! I was in complete shock at how little turkey, cheese and apple was on my sandwich. There is barely any cheese mind you this is suppose to look like a grilled cheese with cheese oozing out just as the menu photo looked. Note that the bread isn't even toasted, this was suppose to be cooked on a grill. My guess is they microwaved the turkey & cheese and slapped it on cold bread and then added cold apple. Also, the mayo is missing. This is the worst sandwich I have ever been served in my life. I placed all the turkey and apple on one half and ate that, so I was still hungry when I was done. I couldn't eat the fries, they were horrible. They were so greasy they would have caused me stomach pain. I immediately complained about the fries since I was in shock at how greasy they were. They brought out some more and they were exactly the same. Thankfully, the person that tended to our table the most, who I'm guessing was the manager since she didn't introduce herself, took this sandwich off our bill when she saw how little I ate. Hubby ordered the Make Your Own Burger with lettuce, bacon, onion, pickles and pepper jack cheese and skipped the bun since he's on a low carb diet. He was given the wrong cheese. His side was Bacon Brussel Sprouts which he thought were ok, but not served hot. The burger was very small, slightly warm and it wasn't cooked as he had requested. 

It was a very disappointing meal for both of us. I highly recommend you do not visit this restaurant. It's at the top of our worst restaurants list for sure. Definitely, don't visit this restaurant, if you have a limited time for lunch and have to get back to work within an hour! What's your favorite restaurant in the area?

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  1. :( I used to work in a restaurant. Those fries are so gross and yes, they BSd you. I don't care if fries are fresh or frozen. They should never look like that. The apple sounded kinda yummy though...

    1. Yeah, I hate being lied to. Yes, apple on a grilled sandwich is tasty, give it a try!

  2. The Turkey Delicious Melt sounds like it would taste good...if it was prepared correctly. You're right, they did a horrible job with the food preparation.

    1. The sandwich was really shocking, looking for a camera, gotta be a joke!


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