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Suzanne Somers Subscription Box Review - February 2018

Suzanne Selects Subscription Box - 1st Shipment

I recently found out that Suzanne Somers was starting a subscription box during one of her Facebook live videos. She revealed what would be in the first box and since it's a bargain, I decided to purchase it. I had not purchased any of her cosmetics before because of the high prices. Each box costs $39.99, but I used a $5 coupon ("Starter5") and Mr. Rebates for 5% back, so the final price is only $33.25. That makes each item only cost $8.31! Each box has a retail value of at least $125.00 saving at least 68%. This box has a retail value of $149.96. Bargain! Included in this box were the following products:
  1. Targeted Night Cream, 1 oz., $49.99 retail value
  2. Liquid Oxygen Therapy Facial Serum, 1 oz., $54.99 retail value
  3. Ageless Serum, 1 oz., $34.99 retail value
  4. Lip Balm, .15 oz., $9.99 retail value
You can sign up for a shipment monthly, every two months or every three months. You can also pause your subscription. While she revealed the contents of the 1st box, I believe future boxes will be a surprise. Perhaps she will give a sneak peek on her Facebook page. I really appreciate that her products are organic and toxic free. Her cosmetics feature no synthetic fragrances, no animal testing, and no chemical emulsifiers. They are made in the USA and are gluten-free.  

I tried out the lip balm first and I love it. It has a nice thick texture, so it really coats the lips and makes them feel really soft and moisturized right away. The moisture comes from shea butter, tacuma and argan oil. I also like the light scent of orange and vanilla. Then I tried the Liquid Oxygen Therapy. I've tried a similar one from another brand and loved it, so I was anxious to try her version. It feels good on the skin and makes it feel moisturized. It's a gel consistency and it sinks into the skin quickly. It's supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After that, I tried the Ageless Serum. This one is to help with elasticity and reduce sagging. It goes on quickly and it's moisturizing. This one is her best seller. The last product I applied to my face was the Targeted Night Cream. It's a lightweight cream that takes a little more time to skin in, but still quite quick. I've used the entire system a couple of days now and my skin which tends to lean towards dry is already noticeably more moisturized. I haven't had results that quickly from other brands. I'm impressed with the products especially since this time of year is when my skin is at it driest. I will continue to use them to see what happens over time and update this post.

Have you tried any of her cosmetics before? I would love to hear your review, please comment below. I'd also like to hear your review if you purchase any of the upcoming boxes since I won't be able to afford to order it every month. If you are not aware, Suzanne use to sell her line of products on HSN, then she moved to Evine and now she's on QVC. She's currently selling some vitamins, chocolate bars, protein shakes, and her latest book. She's currently working on adding her jewelry line soon, so stay tuned. I use to buy lots of her jewelry when she was on QVC with Coleen and I miss those shows, they were so much fun. Anyone else watch way back then? Remember the pajama parties? So funny! I still get compliments on her jewelry and it has stood up to the test of time.

Update - I used all of the products for two months and my favorite was the Liquid Oxygen Therapy. It sinks into the skin so quickly, it's gel consistency feels wonderfully cooling and it's very moisturizing without any oiliness. My 2nd favorite is the Night Cream which is similar in that it absorbs quickly and moisturizes without oiliness. It's a lightweight lotion. I would repurchase these products for sure and I recommend them. I've been watching her monthly reveals on Facebook for her subscription box and I've really been tempted by her offerings since they are such a bargain. She has added vitamins and chocolate bars to some of her boxes, not just the skincare line. Her Calm Renew supplements sound wonderful. I hope to try those soon. I plan to buy another box when it's in my budget. I recommend you give it a try soon. It's important to use products on your skin that are safe! I've had communication with customer service and they are very friendly and helpful which is rare these days.

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  1. I have been trying out Suzannes products for about 6 months now. So I was very excited to see her Sub box. I have a very noticable difference in my 60 year old skin. But, the biggest difference is my hair. Her hair products are amazing, for lack of a better word. I'm a bleached blonde and my hair has never ever been this healthy. I cant give a great review on the makeup as I have not had the best luck with it. I loved the lipstick in the beginning but all my tubes are now hard as a rock and unusable. Never had that happen before. The foundation is good but I have not been able to get the right color. Maybe this summer when I'm more tanned. I want to start taking some of the supplements soon. So a review on those will be down the road. For now, skin and hair care are excellent.

    1. I'm so very sorry Cathy, I'm late to reply to your comments. Thanks for your review, that's great they are working for you. I enjoyed her Liquid Oxygen Therapy the most. I'll have to try her hair products soon. Oh, yes her supplements look really good, I'm anxious to try Calm Renew. She says you can use that one just when you need it, don't have to take daily. Have you tried any other supplements yet? She's having a 25% off sale this week and she's started adding some vitamins & supplments to her monthly box. I really want to order another one soon, it's a such a bargain and a great way to try new products. She's revealing each box in advance on Facebook.


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